Limited Run Games announces Streets of Rage 4 Standard, Classic and Limited Editions

Limited Run Games have officially announced on their Twitter account that the upcoming Streets of Rage 4 will have multiple physical editions coming our way! Starting this Friday, March 20th, at 10am ET fans will be able to pre-order Standard or Classic Editions of the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Important to note: this is an EXTENDED PRE-ORDER WINDOW. The window is open from this coming Friday through to a week after the digital release. This means that fans will not be fighting over a limited run of stock, instead the run will be limited to what is being ordered. The Standard Edition will feature reversible cover art that gives the game a SEGA Genesis look. The Classic Edition will include the standard case, with reversible cover art, a SteelBook case (sized to PS4 or Switch, depending on your platform) as well as a custom clam shell Genesis case that fits your SteelBook and standard game case.

Limited Run Games also revealed that an ultra-tricked-out Limited Edition, which is no doubt an actual limited run, is due out upon the game’s release.


3 responses to “Limited Run Games announces Streets of Rage 4 Standard, Classic and Limited Editions

  1. LenticularLeo says:

    Not on Xbox One then…

    • Barry says:

      LRG has stated in the past that they are unable to release Xbox One games. So while the digital game might hit XBO, and potentially we will see an eventual physical release some other way (remember, The Dragon’s Trap saw release outside of LRG), LRG will not be releasing an XBO version.

  2. DCGX says:

    Microsoft has really high minimum run amounts compared to Sony and Nintendo (I think it’s 20,000-25,000 compared to 1000 respectively), so that’s why they are always excluded from these types of physical runs.

    I’m tempted by this, since the clam shell will match The Lion King/Aladdin clam shell for Switch, but it depends on how much it costs. I really like the art work though.

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