SEGA News Bits: Revolutionary SEGA News Teased – Analysis & Speculation

Some “revolutionary” tech news pertaining to SEGA is set to hit next week, and on this SEGA News Bits we discuss what exactly the news could be. SEGA turns 60 on June 3rd, and just a day later Famitsu magazine will be printing the news. Could it be new hardware? A SEGA streaming service? A Microsoft partnership? We will soon find out! In the meantime, let’s speculate!

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26 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Revolutionary SEGA News Teased – Analysis & Speculation

  1. The Insider's Edge says:

    It’s gamepass and Xbox being loaded full of exclusive Sega console and arcade games of past and present. Also playable on smartphones to appeal to the locals.

    • sad says:

      I doubt this is gonna be the case, but I wouldn’t mind. Game pass is a way better deal than the drip feed of overpriced roms of dusty old games barely anybody cares about (cough)Sega Ages(cough)

    • Senjav says:

      Where is your evidence to back this assertion?
      If you have none but are going by what you think are likelihood, then what you have is mere speculation.

  2. Adam Duffield says:

    Moneys on a Dreamcast mini since Genesis mini did well.

    • Senjav says:

      Theres been no official figures or revenue break down published about how well did with the Mega Drive/Genesis mini yet.
      So how do you know it done well?

  3. Hodd Toward says:

    Most likely related to this:

    Could be a partnership

  4. kyuta says:

    why not a switch like console with Ryzen embedded version seems very plausible

  5. X-pac Series DX says:

    The rumors of Sega joining Microsoft will come to fruition. SEGA and Nintendo have been waiting for the right moment to stick it to Sony. They are both still bitter about Playstation invading their territory and making the gaming industry worse. Any gamer from the 90s should feel this way. It is Xbox that is preserving Sega’s legacy while Sony would only like to bury the games of past. And if you ain’t down with that, I got two words for you…….

    • Debonair says:

      That’s never going to happen because Microsoft is a Yank company and Sega is a foreign company to America with stronger longer roots in UK/Europe and Japan/Asia, Sega didn’t even have a presence in America during the MasterSystem and it’s earlier SG-1000 iteration series years. Xbox only really does well in America, that’s Microsoft’s main territory, but it is also SEGA’s weakest market compared to Eurasia, even the south American country Brazil has a stronger Sega presence than north America.
      America has always been firmly a Nintendo land by comparison from these days and still is to a degree because it evokes these early 8 bit halcyon days in the eyes of many Americans, the way that Sega did in UK/Europe with MasterSystem.
      Sega is too big to be bought, they are part of the Sega-Sammy conglomerate holdings company, and are doing very well, and if it was even ever possible, why would they need to sell out to an American company of all things when the money’s so good as a completely independent t third party?
      Sega also owns TMS, one of the oldest Anime studios still in existence, as well as Marza entertainment and then theres Atlus and the Paradice city resorts businesses, and has also just launched it’s own music company Sega music. What benefit would there be for Sega to be bought out instead of maintaining full independence?

    • DA NAYCHA BOY, WHOOOOO!!!!!! says:

      Because Microsoft money is huge and Sega can benefit from this similar to what happened to Marvel comics. FOX also sold valuable assets to Disney that were much more valuable than Sega. “Revolutionary” usually means something that was never thought possible. This revolutionary moment will be like when Hideo Nomo entered Major League Baseball and dominated the mound. Why are you so triggered at the thought of Microsoft, an American company joining forces with Sega? Don’t you know nowadays Japanese game companies are being bought by countries that have never been in good relations with Japan? Microsoft is better than the alternative. And Sega being a main headliner for gamepass will help gamepass reach it’s goal, the Netflix of gaming. All Japanese smartphones will have access to an extensive Sega library through gamepass. This also grows the rest of the industry as gamepass introduces the entire world to many games that would have otherwise been ignored. Now get on board and gimme a WHOOOOOO to this Sega Microsoft partnership!

  6. Rezapoc says:

    God, if they do a rebranded Xbox with Sega branding I’ll probably get one just because it’s Sega 😅

    • Centrale says:

      I probably would, too! But I don’t see how it would make much sense. The Saturn is the only Sega console that had a good amount of success in Japan. Is it really going to move more units just by putting a Sega logo on it? It would still be the same console with the same largely Western-focused library. I don’t see it happening, but… we’ll soon find out.

  7. DanUp says:

    Dreamcast Mini would not be revolutionary, but seriously, I want it.

  8. DA NAYCHA BOY, WHOOOOO!!!!!! says:

    If Sega continues to listen to these “hardcore” fans that fear a partnership with Microsoft, Sega will be destined to it’s niche status for eternity while everyone else surpasses them. These hardcore fans are part of the the reason why Saturn, Dreamcast and Shenmue went nowhere. Bring on the Microsoft money! Time to take Sega to a whole new level! Did you read about Sonic development times being longer now? Microsoft is already taking Sega to a whole new level! Can you imagine what Sonic can look like after seeing Cuphead? That was an inexperienced developer doing incredible things with Microsoft guidance and funding!

  9. SK3 says:

    Please stop with the SEGA and MS BS

    • The Insiders Edge says:

      Latest rumor is Hideo Kojima, who Sony soured relations with will also be joining this new Sega MS alliance as well.

    • The Insider Edge says:

      There is also now a rumor that Microsoft has bought several franchises from Konami and will have Hideo Kojima reboot Snatcher under the Sega brand. Castlevania and Metal Gear were also just mentioned.

      Rumor has it that Sonic will be involved in Cuphead DLC.

    • SK3 says:

      There is also a old rumor about MS going to be 3rd again next gen.

    • Sega Xbox for world domination says:

      No it is said that MS now is going to offer 7 year multi millon dollar contracts to developers like a sports contract. This is what will rile the industry in Japan because it will be like big time Japanese baseball players leaving home to go to the big leagues in America. Sega will be the first big announcement and then Konami. Hideo Kojima will be brought in for Sega. XBOX is now going to be the big leagues of game development where everybody is now going to be working for that big contract while Playstation will be the farming league.

  10. Sega Xbox for world domination says:

    MS also doesn’t look at Sony as a competitor, MS deep pockets will sign many big name Japanese developers after SEGA. All of the developers in Japan will want to join MS after it is revealed how much the Sega deal is worth. It will benefit Nintendo and Microsoft who will also be working together to force Sony out of the market. Sony will be left with it’s mediocre first party developers and indie developers. Eventually, it will catch on to consumers that Playstation’s heyday is over and business in the gaming world has changed. PlayStation will go by way of Sega in the 90s, once dominant but overconfidence led to it’s downfall. Sega will gets its retribution and the gaming world will live happily ever after.

  11. Sega Xbox for world domination says:

    This is also similar to the story of ALL JAPAN PRO WRESTLING. This was a big wrestling league that had almost every star leave the promotion at the same time to start a new promotion called NOAH. All Japan Pro Wrestling business was devastated after this. Although they still exist, they lost big tv deals, videogame deals with Sega and are not the big company they were in the past. XBOX is going to be like NOAH where they take all the big Japanese developers away from Sony.
    Sega is going to act like Mitsuharu Misawa who was the one who led the defections to NOAH. Konami will play the role of Kenta Kobashi.

  12. Centrale says:

    The rumors have been confirmed… Microsoft, often abbreviated as “MS,” is changing their name to Master System and will be releasing the Master System Series X this fall. Launch titles include “Alex Kidd in a World Where Sony is Ruined and Humiliated For All Eternity Because I Can’t Get Over the 1990s”

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