SEGA News Bits: New Sonic Racing Game Announcement Reaction

We called it! Well, George called it in last month’s rumor video. Sonic Racing is indeed real and while we are not sure who is developing it, all signs are pointing to Sumo Digital. On this SEGA News Bits, Barry takes a look at the teaser trailer, looks back on Sonic’s racing history and looks ahead at what we might expect from the upcoming game.

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4 responses to “SEGA News Bits: New Sonic Racing Game Announcement Reaction

  1. Gme972 says:

    Please let Rouge be playable character

  2. Albert says:

    So if it is not a sequel, then it probably is just a re-release or remaster of Sonic R. A remake in the best case scenario.

  3. What news!!! Sonic Mania Plus and a new Sonic racing game. If only they were released on a 2ds…

  4. Dennis Livingston says:

    While if you’re a die hard sonic fan, you might be able to get excited for the variety a Sonic only related game could entail. And don’t get me wrong I like Sonic to an extent.. but imo 90% of the characters not named Sonic, like rogue, that silver knockoff, and charmy…. or any of the thousand convoluted animals that are sonic friends… are incredibly lame, again my opinion. So that prospect doesn’t excite me when we’re losing all the great characters and stages, not to mention music from other sega franchises. There was still a lot of characters and stages from other games that didn’t appear in SASRT, there was even entire franchises that weren’t represented yet.

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