Yakuza: Like a Dragon announced for PS5, English dub to feature George Takei

IGN has announced a slew of Yakuza: Like a Dragon news today! First up, the game is confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5. Not surprising, given the game was previously announced be playable on Xbox Series X. The game is set for a November 2020 release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC with a holiday release to Xbox Series X. The PS5 version will release “at a later date”, however SEGA has confirmed an upgrade path is being planned for the PS5 version to fall in line with the Xbox Series X version’s free upgrade.

You want surprising news? The game will feature an English dub and the cast will include Star Trek actor George Takei as antagonist Masumi Arakawa. Other actors include Andrew Morgado as Koichi Adachi, Greg Chun as Yu Nanba, and Elizabeth Maxwell as Saeko Mukoda.

Additionally, in addition to a standard release, the game will see a Day Ichi Edition ($59.99) which will include a Legends Costume Set, featuring eight costumes referencing past Yakuza games, and a Steelbook case. The Hero Edition will be digital exclusive ($69.99) and include the costume set as well as two additional playable jobs for combat (the guitar-playing Devil Rocker and naginata-weilding Matriarch) and extra employees for the game’s Management Mode minigame. Then there’s the Legendary Hero Edition (digital-only, $89.99) which includes all previous content, as well as bonus crafting, karaoke, ultimate costume and stat boost items.


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2 responses to “Yakuza: Like a Dragon announced for PS5, English dub to feature George Takei

  1. DCGX says:

    It’s nice to see them put real effort into the English dub (going over the announced actors), but I’ve played all the other Yakuza games with the Japanese dub, so this will be no different.

    I’m guessing the steelbook isn’t finalized yet, because they haven’t showed it.

    IGN said there was a collector’s edition announced for preorder too, but I can’t find anything about that. Just the other digital editions.

    • Barry says:

      I updated the post and I believe the Steelbook is that yellow box mockup. My guess is, there will be a slipcover with the game logo and console logos and underneath will be the art on the steelbook.

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