Sonic The Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Volume 1 Hardcover Announced – Collects the First 12 Issues

IDW has announced “Sonic The Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Volume 1”, the first in a series of hardcover oversized books spanning the IDW Sonic series in recommended reading order. This means that the ongoing series, annuals, and mini-series will all see release under this format as future volumes release. Meanwhile, IDW will also be releasing the trade paperback editions which are priced at $15.99 each and usually collects 4 issues at a time.

Now, this is all speculation in my part, but the naming convention here opens them up to a possible “The Archie Comics Collection” in the future, which I would love to see, but am not holding my breath for. Still, stranger things have happened. After the break, check out some additional information on this upcoming series.


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