Yakuza Creator Doesn’t Want Kazuma Kiryu in Fighting Games Because He Doesn’t Want Him ‘Beating Up Women’

While Kazuma Kiryu is a big, strong Japanese man that has slapped children and even killed a few people. It seems that series Creator and Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi doesn’t want his leading hero in fighting games because, he doesn’t want  him hitting women. According to a recent Red Bull France interview:

“We do get this request a lot. Of course there are exceptions, but fighting games generally have female characters, and personally I don’t really want to see Kiryu beating up women.”

Its understandable to feel this way since Kazuma Kiryu is a old school type and wouldn’t make sense for a character like him to assault women. I don’t disagree with him, but fighting games aren’t considered canon or real. Its like, are we really gonna say Mario is out there hitting women and knocking them into a internal abyss when he ring outs them? I think you guys all agree that Kazuma Kiryu joining a game like Tekken 7 or even a new Virtua Fighter won’t ruin his character?


17 responses to “Yakuza Creator Doesn’t Want Kazuma Kiryu in Fighting Games Because He Doesn’t Want Him ‘Beating Up Women’

  1. H Hog says:

    What about Project X Zone 2? That game had female enemies, plenty of them even.

    • Joong P Kim says:

      That does kinda go against this sentiment a bit or at the very least rings this one a bit hollow. Yeah,it was Dead Souls Kiryu but still.

  2. Bertodecosta says:

    Gamers : Miyamoto is too protective of Mario !
    Nagoshi : Hold my beer !

  3. celso says:

    “but fighting games aren’t considered canon or real”
    Is any game real?

  4. Farren says:

    This is an insipid, outright stupid article that proves that the author has no idea what they’re talking about at best and is misogynist at worst. Delete this.

    • Debonair says:

      How is it misogynist exactly?
      Treating one or some women like an equal without exception is equivalent to hating woman? Wtf

    • Tayze Bell says:

      No. We’re talking about fighting games. A genre where two characters fight one v one as equals. Men fighting men, men fight woman, woman fight woman. How is Kiryu being in such a game which is a part of a genre with a long storied line of iconic female characters a bad thing? Get the stick out of your ass and calm down.

    • IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

      @Tayze Bell

      You seem to be trying to create an argument by being antagonistic, there’s no need to be personal with your lame self projectionist thoughts like “stick out your ass”, this is actually saying more about yourself than the person you are directing it to (whoever that is).

      You could have just posted your comment without that at the end and it would have appeared more valid, but as it is, you’ve just made yourself look more like a troll.

  5. LenticularLeo says:

    That’s bull, Kiryu has hit women a few times and it was never an issue before, I think this is just his convenient excuse not to do it, by acting like the mangina with the white knight card.

    Plus pretty much every fighting game has women in it and nobody ever says anything about that, if a woman attacks a man, he has the right to use reasonable force on her to defend himself, same as with a man, that doesn’t mean he’s going to beat them to a pulp, he gets into a lot of fights with men but he doesn’t try to kill men either, he’s very strict on that, even Majima is (if you’ve played Yakuza 0).

    Either way, I dont get the point of putting him in Tekken as that is Namco’s, why not put it in Sega’s flagship fighter instead like Virtua Fighter, or if that has to be kept so pure, then why not a Sega equivalent of Smash Bros, or even a new Sega Fighters Megamix or something.

  6. TKOhh says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kazuma Kiryu in a versus fighting game. I find the creator’s argument a curious one, but respectable none the less. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to protect his creation. However, it’s true that many popular video game characters appear in crossover fighting games and the overall opinion of those character’s aren’t diminished because they trade blows with those of the opposite sex. These games are understood as works of over-the-top fiction, though there is the belief that video games influence action, both positive and negative.

  7. tdixpix says:

    Since guest characters have been all the rage in fighting games since Soul Calibur 2, I think Sega and Mr. Yakuza should start negotiating now to find a way to put him in the next Virtua Fighter. That’s an easy win for both teams, I’d say. Ryo Hazuki, too.

    PS: I have been playing Shenmue 1 for the last little while, and it makes me wonder why no other action adventure game adopted a fighting game engine for random attacks. The tension that the VF3 engine creates in an encounter in Shenmue is awesome so so much more realistic than the windmill kicks of a game like Yakuza Zero. I don’t want flash – I want tension!

  8. IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

    So he’s a sexist?

  9. IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

    A sexist made by a sexist, who’d have thought.

    • Sonikku says:

      Your that type of person that would use the word sexist in every scenario to make yourself look good around other women

      Plus it’s tabu to punch women in real life
      The yakuza series are trying to follow the rules of reality in some cases

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