LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Given the Green Light

LEGO Ideas, the official LEGO outlet that gives fans the ability to submit designs for official approval and release, has announced that the Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone set from Viv Grannell aka toastergrl has been given the green light! This means that SEGA has signed on to the project and it will carry the official Sonic the Hedgehog license. The next step will have LEGO’s builders review the build and make any refinements or develop new unique pieces. From there, we should see an official reveal, box art and some pre-order links! But it is going to take some time. Hopefully the Sonic Mania branding remains intact and it releases for the 30th anniversary.

After the break, check out the official word from LEGO.

Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone

The review board has given Viv Grannell’s (aka toastergrl on LEGO Ideas) Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone the green light. We’re excited to collaborate with SEGA and Viv to bring one of the most iconic game characters and brands to life via LEGO bricks on the basis of Viv’s colourful and fun creation. Congrats Viv!


One response to “LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Given the Green Light

  1. TKOhh says:

    I’m glad SEGA identified this pitch and decided to move forward with it ahead of Sonic’s 30th anniversary. What a great design by Viv. I know that Sonic was part of the short-lived Lego Dimensions experience, but with that project in the rear-view, it’s about time Sonic got some traditional Lego love.

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