Sonic Superstars physical release details leak ahead of Sonic Central event – LEGO Eggman pre-order bonus revealed

With Sonic’s anniversary just a day away, and a Sonic Central live stream planned, it appears some secrets have slipped out. Making the rounds on Twitter is an image showcasing what fans can expect from Sonic Superstars physical release when the game releases in the Fall. The game will feature a surprising amount of bonuses, including an in-game Eggman character skin (who will presumably replace classic Eggman in the cutscenes and boss battles, but it is possible Eggman could be also playable), reversible cover art featuring 2D art in the style of the 1990s games and an acrylic display stand. Worth pointing out, LEGO Eggman is digital and not an actual minifigure included in the box.

Priced at $59.99, the physical release goodies are very much welcomed. It has been a long time since Western fans received such bonuses in a base Sonic game, outside of the usual art books found in Origins Plus and Mania Plus. It is worth noting that in the lead up to tomorrow, the LEGO social accounts have teased a clip of LEGO Sonic tied up. This could be a hint towards LEGO Eggman pushing Sonic aside for an appearance in Sonic Superstars.

We will learn more tomorrow!

LEGO announces Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration with new product line

SEGA and the LEGO Group announced a collaboration today that will bring beloved characters and environments from the Sonic universe to brick form. The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration includes four sets of varying sizes and complexity, allowing fans of all ages to build and play in iconic locations.

The sets include Sonic’s Speed Sphere, Tails’s Workshop and Tornado Plane, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island, and the famous Green Hill Zone. Fans can enjoy building and playing with Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Dr. Eggman in LEGO form.

The Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO sets are set to be released later this year, and fans (myself included) can’t wait to get their hands on them.

LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set now available to purchase

The long awaited Sonic Mania inspired LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set has both been revealed and released! The set has changed quite a bit from the original pitch. Gone are the Hard Boiled Heavies, Flicky birds and Death Egg Robot. As such, the Sonic Mania presence is pretty much gone, making this a Sonic 1 set. The set is available now at the LEGO online shop as well as in physical LEGO stores, and retails for $69.99.

LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Given the Green Light

LEGO Ideas, the official LEGO outlet that gives fans the ability to submit designs for official approval and release, has announced that the Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone set from Viv Grannell aka toastergrl has been given the green light! This means that SEGA has signed on to the project and it will carry the official Sonic the Hedgehog license. The next step will have LEGO’s builders review the build and make any refinements or develop new unique pieces. From there, we should see an official reveal, box art and some pre-order links! But it is going to take some time. Hopefully the Sonic Mania branding remains intact and it releases for the 30th anniversary.

After the break, check out the official word from LEGO.

Sonic the Hedgehog heading to LEGO Dimensions

Back in May we reported the rumor, but now it is official. Sonic the Hedgehog is heading to LEGO Dimensions! Revealed in an E3 Expo Trailer for the game is a number of new franchises hitting the Lego toys-to-life multi-platform game, including Gremlins, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, The A-Team and others. At the moment, not much more is known. Sonic the Hedgehog could be a minor addition by way of a Fun Pack (figure and item) or a full-blown Level Pack (figure and items, plus levels) or a Team Pack (multiple figures and items). Sonic Stadium did spot the Tornado in a LEGO Dimensions graphic (seen after the break), so it is possible we will at least get a Fun Pack of Sonic and the Tornado.

More news as we hear it.

Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog coming to LEGO Dimensions


LEGO fan site Brick Inquierer is reporting a rumor which says that Sonic the Hedgehog will be heading to LEGO Dimensions. For those not hip to the latest kids trends, LEGO Dimensions is a multi-platform game which allows players to scan in physical LEGO toys created for the game from a diverse range of franchises (Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Portal, Ghostbusters and The Simpsons just to name a few). You can then play as those toys within the game. All-in-all it’s a neat, though very expensive, experience.

Brick Inquierer’s rumor actually references an earlier report on code words for the game’s series 2. Code words included “S” and “KR”, which fans speculated as being Sonic and Knight Rider. Now, LEGO insider and EuroBricks forum member CM4Sci commented on the EuroBricks forums with two posts. One simply states “Sonic’s coming!”, then another reply stating, “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything”. Brick Inquierer added “Within the LEGO community, CM4Sci’s word is about as good as it comes. So it’s time to get excited LEGO Dimensions fans!”, so it is safe to say that this is a source that has been correct in the past.

As for the SEGAbits opinion on this rumor? Sonic in LEGO Dimensions would make a lot of sense. For one thing, SEGA has been going crazy in the past few months with the license, releasing everything from Sonic branded mud face masks to high fashion accessories. Even in the past, there was a Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed themed Erector set. LEGO Dimensions is known for some pretty oddball inclusions, so the notion that Sonic would be in the game is not crazy. Also, the addition of Sonic would allow LEGO to make the figure without having to release a full line of LEGO Sonic toys. This would also allow SEGA and LEGO to test the market for a potential expanded series of LEGO Sonic toys. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as this is just a rumor. If we learn more, we’ll be sure to share.

[Source:Brick Inquierer]

The SEGAbits Summer of Art/Season of Colors Contest winner is….

Sean Tagg’s Lego Outrun cabinet!

We received some awesome entries over the course of this contest, but this one was not only among the first we received, by the entry that consistently remained in the top three even as other entries slowly began to trickle in. In the end, this piece gets the gold medal because it hits all of the right notes: it is not just passionate, but also creative. When I think of art, I don’t typically think of LEGO, but it’s impossible to deny that this is not only something that is most definitely art. This took a lot of time and patience to put together. Sean had to find all of the right pieces and place them in all of the right places, and that takes some dedication.

Congratulations, Sean! We did get some other excellent entries, including one that very nearly took the Grand Prize. We’ll be making announcements regarding second and third place winners, as well as the two additional runner ups, within the next few days.

Check out this contest announcement if you want to find out what he won!