SEGA Japan officially allows Japanese users to monetize videos on YouTube and Twitch

SEGA Japan has released new streaming guidelines for Japanese audiences, which will now allow individual users to monetize videos and streams of SEGA owned games through YouTube and Twitch.

Its actually kinda crazy that SEGA didn’t allow this before considering how games like Yakuza got huge brand awareness in the West due to streamers and YouTubers making videos on the games. But it seems that SEGA in the past allowed users to create videos, but not profit from them. It seems that SEGA is also encouraging players to add reaction faces and comments, but also asking for spoiler tags on videos that ruin story moments. They have also asked not to do unrelated edits that would obscure actual gameplay, which seems a bit vague?

This whole guideline sadly isn’t applying to Atlus or western developed titles such as Total War, but if its a success for SEGA; we can all assume this will all change.

[Via: Siliconera]


4 responses to “SEGA Japan officially allows Japanese users to monetize videos on YouTube and Twitch

  1. Eck says:

    Is that how there is hardly any Sega streamers around compared to Capcom or Nintedo streamers.. I’ve noticed this on the Facebook gaming streamers section also, barely anyone streams any Sega games aside from the odd few who stream occasional Sonic titles and the very occasional Yakuza, you’d think all those and Sega games like Judgement and Shenmue would be much more popular and easier to find, but there’s hardly any real big Sega players or Sega focussed streamers in general, though plenty of Sega pages talking about classic Sega stuff, but that’s about it.

  2. Leo the Woodlouse says:

    There isn’t any Sega streamers, that’s why they can’t be found, there are streamers who just play the odd Sega game and the rest are just Sega enthusiasts like Slope’s Game Room and SegaPit but they aren’t streamers, they’re more documentary makers.

  3. George Banks says:

    Plenty of dedicated stream names people can use then, like DreamStream or SegaScreamStream etc come to think of it.

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