Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute on Nintendo Switch features fully working SEGA Saturn emulator

City Connection just recently released Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute that compiled Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang and Guardian Force on a single cartridge. The game was, well, not well received due to the emulation being used having input lag, making the games hard to play.

The story would have ended there but, GBATemp user Iisreal2301 figured out a way to load his own SEGA Saturn images onto the game file, basically allowing you to boot up any SEGA Saturn game by tricking the system into thinking its loading a Cotton game!

Sadly the emulation is far from perfect, but it seems to be a working project by users from GBATemp. I guarantee you that Nintendo will crack down on this game’s fun, but for now here is a list of games tested by GBATemp user Levine 19:

  • Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean (USA) (RE) – Perfect
  • AmokPerfect
  • Astal (USA) – Perfect
  • Burning Rangers (USA) – Almost Perfect (Minor audio cracks at random times, I was able to complete the tutorial no problem)
  • Bug! (USA) – Perfect
  • Bug Too! (USA) – Perfect
  • Bulk Slash (Japan) – Unplayable (Game hangs on black screen after start screen)
  • Clockwork Knight (USA) – Perfect
  • Clockwork Knight 2 (USA) – Unplayable (Crashes after main menu)
  • Dark SaviorPerfect
  • Die Hard Arcade (USA) – Perfect
  • Dragon Force (USA) – Perfect
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara (Japan) – Perfect
  • Elevator Action Returns (Japan) – Perfect
  • Guardian Heroes (USA) – Perfect
  • Gungriffon (USA) – Perfect
  • Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Europe) – Perfect
  • Legend of Oasis (USA) – Perfect
  • Linkle Liver Story (Japan) (English Translation) – Perfect
  • Magic Knight Rayearth (USA) – Perfect
  • Metal Slug – Super Vehicle-001 (Japan) (Rev A) – Perfect
  • Mr. Bones (USA) / Mr. Bones (Japan) – Unplayable (Both regions, game hangs on black screen and never proceeds)
  • Night Striker S (Japan) – Perfect
  • NiGHTS into Dreams… (USA) (RE) – Almost Perfect (Often there is a very minor frame drop, but the only reason I even noticed is due to the audio. Otherwise, you can’t even tell.)
  • Noon (Japan) (Rev A) – Perfect
  • Panzer Dragoon (USA) – Perfect
  • Panzer Dragoon Zwei (USA) – Perfect
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga (USA) (Disc 1) – Almost Perfect (Minor audio cracks at random times, I was able to play on foot & riding on the dragon without issue)
  • Powerslave (USA) – Perfect
  • Radiant Silvergun (Japan) – Perfect
  • Rayman (USA) / Rayman (Japan) – Unplayable (Both regions have an input bug. Both in the main menu & in-game, when you press a directional key (Joystick or D-Pad, both are effected), the game responds to the input VERY rapidly, even with a very light press. It ultimately makes the game unplayable)
  • Sega Ages: Power Drift – Almost Perfect (Minor Graphical issues: vehicle disappears when you’re on/under a bridge)
  • Saturn Bomberman (USA) – Perfect
  • Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru (Japan) – Perfect
  • Sonic 3D Blast (USA) – Perfect
  • Sonic Jam (USA) – Unplayable (Crashes at “Press Start” screen)
  • Sonic R (USA) – Almost Perfect (Minor audio cracks at random times, I was able to finish a race with no issues.)
  • Steamgear Mash (Japan) – Perfect
  • Virtua Fighter 2 (USA) (RE) – Somewhat Playable (The game has a consistent amount of slowdown it seems, I would say it’s in the 40-50fps range if I had to guess)
  • Virtual On: Cyber Troopers (USA) – Perfect? (For some reason the game initially makes you confirm 2 controllers before the start screen. However you can progress as normal in single player after this. No other issues)
  • Willy Wombat (Japan) – Perfect

Like always this is a work in progress and you can see the GBATemp thread here.


2 responses to “Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute on Nintendo Switch features fully working SEGA Saturn emulator

  1. This might be the thing that breaks me and gets me to buy one…

    And I really, really hadn’t planned to ever buy a Switch.

    P.S. FYI SEGAbits, you can turn on *mandatory* SSL and get boosted Google search result rankings…

    … You have SSL turned on, but because it isn’t “forced” – Google is not giving you credit for doing so. There are many WordPress plugins that will do this in five minutes.

  2. Senjav says:

    Better off just getting the Steam Deck when Valve releases it in a few months. It’s basically going to be like a portable PC that can run a multitude of applications and it’s apparantly packing serious amounts of power and is only slightly larger than a Switch. So it could be possible to make it more like a portable Sega Saturn.

    Anyway, Sega on Nintendo? Still weird.

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