SEGA AGES team not ruling out Saturn & Dreamcast games in the future

The people over in Famitsu had a great little interview with the people behind SEGA Ages which t his time included Rieko Kodama (Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star, Deep Fear) where she talked about what it meant for her titles to make the list of most requested SEGA Ages titles. There was also a lot of discussion regarding Jet Set Radio getting the number one spot, with the team saying that composer Hideki Naganuma himself asking fans to vote for the series. They also said that some issues regarding the poll happen because this time voting was open to everyone, while the last poll they had (after SEGA 3D Classics wave 2 in Japan, polling for what games will be in Wave 3) they only let people that bought SEGA 3D Archives Vol. 2 to vote, saying that this time a lot more younger fans that might not have grown up with the type of games they are reprinting will get to vote. They showed Mushi King ranking highly as an example.

Regardless of them being suspicious on the audience voting, they did say in the interview that when they announced the SEGA Ages brand relaunch for the Nintendo Switch back in April, that one of their goals would be to reprint SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast in the future. Then saying they want to work hard and do all SEGA titles on one platform. Doubt that SEGA would let them go that far but its nice to know they are working. One of the things about this whole thing that got me even more excited than Dreamcast and Saturn games possibly coming? The fact that they are talking about remaking Space Harrier II the same way they remade Fantasy Zone II!


6 responses to “SEGA AGES team not ruling out Saturn & Dreamcast games in the future

  1. Bertodecosta says:

    Space Harrier II remade? That’s neat!

  2. Debonair says:

    If its for Nintendo hardware, couldn’t care less about it.
    How hard can it be to stick it up on XBL or even PSN, instead of just Steam and Ninty systems.

  3. Do you think it will be too late for Sega to add Dreamcast games to virtual console 3ds? Please answer, I plan on getting $40 worth of Eshop points for Christmas and if Dreamcast games were to become available, I would save it, especially for games like Nights and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

  4. Dumbass nintendo again. What’s the deal with that?

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