SEGA and Microsoft Announces Collaboration for New Strategic Titles, “Azure” Cloud Development, and Next-Generation Development Environment

SEGA of Japan has officially announced that there are currently plans to work with company giant Microsoft. While specifics have not been disclosed, the official PR blog post goes into details on what to expect out of this collaboration. The most notable thing discussed is using Microsoft’s “Azure” cloud technology, as part of a mid-to-long term plan for SEGA to release games on a global scale. For context, Azure is a cloud service produced by Microsoft designed with storing data, machine learning with artificial intelligence, and virtual machines in mind. Other details noted in the post include treating network infrastructure and communication cools for online services being a top priority, along with the “Super Game” incentive that focuses on producing new and innovative titles, with key words such as “Global” and IP Utilization” cited.

Remember, this isn’t an acquisition of SEGA from Microsoft, this is simply a collaboration to push SEGA’s long term strategy of trying to tackle a global market. What are your thoughts about this announcement about SEGA and Microsoft working together for cloud gaming?


4 responses to “SEGA and Microsoft Announces Collaboration for New Strategic Titles, “Azure” Cloud Development, and Next-Generation Development Environment

  1. Deefy says:

    Nothing better then this agreement (if the collaboration will start, this is a “preliminar” document).

  2. segaboy says:

    its great for short & near-term gaming; cloud-based games benefit from all the computing power, resources, etc; but they suffer the same fate as “server-based” games do; once the company decides to shut down the server because not enough players; “poof” goes your game. that is the only thing I lament before we even see Sega games release. Imagine Sega makes a really fun awesome game; but after 5-7 years people stop playing, the cloud server game gets turned off, and those of us that still want to play can’t play

  3. Jock MacTavish says:

    Sick and tired of people (usually Yanks) trying to always suggest a Microsoft buyout of Sega, like they either want it to happen or even think it’s a good idea.

    First off Microsoft is a Yank company, SEGA isn’t, so it would never happen just on that basis alone as most other countries don’t ascribed to the Americanised culture of hostile corporate take overs etc, especially Japan.

    But even if it did, let’s just pretend hypothetically that it could, even if it did, why would it be a good idea to begin with? The whole point of buy outs and take overs is if it is in the best interests of both parties and it certainly would not be, Sega would be pretty much destroyed and it’s corporate ethos and DNA, the synergy, everything would be changed forever and everything you love about Sega would change for the worse, we seen what happened to Rare when it went with Microsoft in 2003, never ever been the same since, and it was once one of the finest game companies in the world, now destroyed.

    So what is the obsession or want for this? I don’t get it and I’m certain many others don’t either, nor see the point of it.

    • Jokerpentrick says:

      I think those wishing that MS would acquire Sega are thinking that the vast resources behind Xbox would really benefits Sega going forwards and that Game Pass would be a perfect place for classics like Sega Rally, Nights, Panzer Dragoon Saga etc

      Thing is that the way Sega has been pivoting this last year has really opened up to such a buyout and whoever gobbles them up has a deep bargain bucket of IP like Disney did when they purchased Marvel.

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