SEGA drops new Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage and screenshots

SEGA has dropped a ton of new Sonic Frontiers info on us, and we had to share it! The content showcases the battle modes, puzzles and free running segments. We also get to hear that mysterious voice that speaks to Sonic. We will share more info as we hear it, but in the meantime… enjoy!

Sonic Frontiers is due out this holiday season, and Iizuka says despite negative fan feedback from the IGN footage, the game will not be delayed.


One response to “SEGA drops new Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage and screenshots

  1. Any progress away from a button masher that Sonic became over the past 15 years (and it pains me to say it has been that long), is good progress.

    It looks like this is the first game that will require actual thought, genuine critical thinking, since Sonic Adventure 2.

    The HUD-less view will take some getting used to. They should add some auxiliary screen or smartphone connectivity to extend that experience.

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