Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie plot points and new characters revealed [Update]

Update: Tails’ Channel claims that two verified anonymous sources have told them “the synopsis was incorrect, and not indicative of Paramount’s current plans for the upcoming theatrical release”. Here’s my take: This does not invalidate all the information nor does it mean that this information is false. It is likely Production Weekly’s information is from earlier work on the film that has since evolved. Also, I find it odd that these sources claim the synopsis is incorrect given it is exactly what the Sonic 2 mid-credits scene sets up for a third film, yet they do not confirm or deny the mention of various characters.

Thanks to the Sonic Stadium and Sonic Paradise, we have some juicy information on Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 which is due out December 20, 2024. The information comes from a movie industry trade, Production Weekly, which sits behind a paywall. Thankfully, Sonic Paradise bought the article and Sonic Stadium smoothed out their translation of the information, which can be found over at Sonic Stadium. You can also read the spoilery information after the break in our own words, but give Sonic Stadium a click too.

Still here? Okay, so here is the info:

  • The official plot synopsis reads: “With Sonic, Tails and Knuckles having defeated Robotnik and his Badniks, Green Hills was saved! But it wasn’t over yet! The team will have to face what Robotnik’s grandfather has created – the Shadow Project.”
  • Robotnik collected the Chaos Emeralds, which were last seen inside the Master Emerald. The Sonic 2 movie appears to show the Chaos Emeralds floating away and the novelization confirms that after Sonic went super, the Chaos Emeralds scattered just as they do in the games.
  • Robotnik uses the Chaos Emeralds to create a metallic version of Sonic
  • Robotnik and Shadow team up to defeat Sonic
  • Ring portals will bring characters new to the film franchise but well known to fans of the games, with Amy and Big being among them
  • Sonic and friends team up against Robotnik to save the world

Production Weekly is a legitimate industry newsletter, not a rumor mill, so this information should be taken as fact unless the filmmakers say otherwise.


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