Sonic Frontiers charts hot streak continues, landing 4th in the Japanese Game Charts

Sonic Frontiers continues to do well globally, we reported how it was performing in the UK and Steam yesterday, today we can see how well it’s been performing in Japan thanks to the latest Famitsu game charts. Unsurprisingly the Switch version was the best selling SKU this time round, but both the PS5 and PS4 SKUs managed to make the top ten.

4. [NSW] – Sonic Frontiers (08/11/2022) – 26,067
7. [PS5] – Sonic Frontiers (08/11/2022) – 11,111
8. [PS4] – Sonic Frontiers (08/11/2022) – 9,098

While Sonic Frontiers was not the top selling new title for the week, with both Tactics Ogre: Reborn (36,783) and God of War: Ragnarok (29,377) managing higher placements in the chart, with Splatoon the retaining the top spot with 43,781 units, Sonic Frontiers did end up selling the most between multiplatform releases, notching a cumulative sale of 46,276 units sold between the 3 SKUs. Famitsu top 30 should come out later this week so this total should grow further if the Xbox versions also performed well. In terms of sales, we’ve compared the first week launch with various other Sonic titles in Japan and makes for very good reading.

Titles are listed in release order

Platform / Title / First Week / Lifetime

[PS4] – Sonic Forces – 5,960 / No data
[SWI] – Sonic Forces – 4,899 / No data
[3DS] – Sonic: Lost World – 5,369 / 29,933
[WIU] – Sonic: Lost World – 2,171 / 9,613
[3DS] – Sonic Generations – 4,600 / 23,096
[PS3] – Sonic Generations – No data / 15,317
[360] – Sonic Generations – 1,200 / No data
[WII] – Sonic Colours –  No data / 11,631
[NDS] – Sonic Colours – No data / 11,431

Information thanks to Game Data Library (You can check how other Sonic games performed in Japan using that handy link)

This is the best sales the Sonic franchise has received in over a decade in a country that tends to treat the brand as a niche release. In fact it was not until the Adventure games, upto Sonic Heroes, that the series ever managed to break past 100,000 life time sales (Excluding the Mario & Sonic games) so the result will be a fantastic one for SEGA. With Sonic Frontiers first week sales outselling the lifetime sales of Sonic: Lost World, Sonic Generations or Sonic Colours, I think it’s almost certain they will continue to building the formula started in Sonic Frontiers to ensure an even higher quality sequel.


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One response to “Sonic Frontiers charts hot streak continues, landing 4th in the Japanese Game Charts

  1. TKOhh says:

    This is great news for Sega. I hope sales remain steady into the holiday season. I think healthy discounts for Sonic Origins and Sonic Colors Ultimate could boost sales for those SKUs also. It’s shaping up to be a stellar year for Sonic Team and Sega proper.

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