SEGA Talk #109: Conduit 2 (2011)

We dive back into the conspiracy world of The Conduit, with High Voltage Studio’s sequel Conduit 2. We dive deep into the conspiracies that shaped the game, the changes made and look at the bizarre cliff hanger for the sequel.

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One response to “SEGA Talk #109: Conduit 2 (2011)

  1. TKOhh says:

    Hey, Guys,

    I’ll listen to this episode later this week. Until then, a couple notes: I recall the buzz around this title ahead of release. Despite the hype, I don’t believe it captured the same praise as the first title in the Conduit series.

    I wish the Conduit series wasn’t trapped on the Nintendo Wii. I believe the sequel’s multiplayer experience could’ve benefited from the superior online capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Perhaps someday Sega will publish a third (multiplatform) installment? High Voltage Software is still kickin’.

    For future projects, I think it would be fascinating to learn more about the cancelled Sonic X-treme title for the Sega Saturn. It’s always fun to speculate what could’ve been for the company and its short-lived fifth-gen console.

    Anyway, I appreciate all the hard work you all do for these projects. It really keeps me connected to an important piece of my childhood.

    Merry Christmas,

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