Sonic Superstars physical release details leak ahead of Sonic Central event – LEGO Eggman pre-order bonus revealed

With Sonic’s anniversary just a day away, and a Sonic Central live stream planned, it appears some secrets have slipped out. Making the rounds on Twitter is an image showcasing what fans can expect from Sonic Superstars physical release when the game releases in the Fall. The game will feature a surprising amount of bonuses, including an in-game Eggman character skin (who will presumably replace classic Eggman in the cutscenes and boss battles, but it is possible Eggman could be also playable), reversible cover art featuring 2D art in the style of the 1990s games and an acrylic display stand. Worth pointing out, LEGO Eggman is digital and not an actual minifigure included in the box.

Priced at $59.99, the physical release goodies are very much welcomed. It has been a long time since Western fans received such bonuses in a base Sonic game, outside of the usual art books found in Origins Plus and Mania Plus. It is worth noting that in the lead up to tomorrow, the LEGO social accounts have teased a clip of LEGO Sonic tied up. This could be a hint towards LEGO Eggman pushing Sonic aside for an appearance in Sonic Superstars.

We will learn more tomorrow!


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