Gley Lancer & Gynoug Combo Pack available for pre-order from Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games are giving you the chance to own a combo pack of the Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive Masaya Games shoot-em-up classics Advanced Busterhawk Gley-Lancer (1992) and Gynoug (1991) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. These are the re-releases from Shinyuden and Ratalaika Games that came out on these consoles a few years ago, now collected together in physical form. Pre-orders start tomorrow, February 16th 2024, until March 17th 2024 and will cost $34.99 USD each.

These versions of both games play excellent, with special features such as button mapping, rewind, save states, some modernized control convenience options, and a surprisingly customizable CRT filter. In the case of Gley Lancer, which was originally only released in Japan, the game’s cutscenes have all their text translated to English. Beyond that, they are admittedly rather simple releases with not much else aside from the game, but they are fully playable and serve as an excellent and affordable way to play both classics.

For pre-order links, have a look past the break below.

Click the pictures below for pre-order links to each respective version of the double pack.

































Both games are also available separately on each console’s respective digital storefronts.

Gley Lancer digital links: (Nintendo Switch eShop) (PlayStation Store (PS4 and PS5))

Gynoug digital links: (Nintendo Switch eShop) (PlayStation Store (PS4 and PS5))

Do you plan on pre-ordering this double pack? Did you already buy both or one of these games digitally or do you, perhaps, own original cartridges? Let us know in the comments below.

You may recall Gley Lancer also recently got a Collector’s Cartridge reissue on Genesis from Retro-Bit, which finally shipped to buyers just last year. Tell us if you ordered on of those too.


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