The Rebellious Crazy Taxi Driver Axel Makes His Way To Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble via SEGA Pass DLC

Axel, one of Crazy Taxi’s iconic cabbie drivers, makes his way to Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble as part of the SEGA Pass DLC.Axel joins AiAi and friends, causing chaos along the way!

Axel will be playable across both Adventure Mode and Battle Mode, with unique stats to help him on the courses. Plus, for Axel only, all in-game bananas will switch to coins in homage to the franchise so you can rack up some insane money.

The SEGA Pass is included with the Digital Deluxe Edition of Banana Rumble and will also be available as a separate bundle to purchase. Individual characters will also be available a la carte. All content is scheduled to be released over the coming months.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems June 25, 2024. Pre-order your copy here!


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