Crazy Taxi coming October 2012 to iOS… with The Offspring?

SEGA has posted a short but sweet trailer announcing Crazy Taxi for iOS devices. When does it release? This month! What day? No idea, yet. What will the game contain? From the looks of things, the original game and if the teaser’s music is a hint, part of or the full original soundtrack. Crazy Taxi released to PSN and XBLA back in November 2010, but sadly the game was missing its heart: the rocking soundtrack featuring music from The Offspring and Bad Religion. Even if that sort of music isn’t your thing, you can’t deny that it is a very important part of the game. Crazy Taxi on iOS, with some of or all of the original music, could be a homerun for SEGA. When we learn more, we’ll share it. Hell, given Zaxxon Escape released to the App Store the same week it was announced, we very well could see Crazy Taxi as soon as this friday!



10 responses to “Crazy Taxi coming October 2012 to iOS… with The Offspring?

  1. jUrameshi says:

    They could’ve released a patch for the PSN/XBLA versions too. Besides the soundtrack, there are more things that should be fixed (like voices in low quality and lower volume than the CAR ENGINE!)

  2. CrazyTails says:

    What the **ck?

  3. segaismysavior says:

    Odd coincidence, I had a dream recently about SEGA releasing Crazy Taxi again with the original soundtrack… and now this.

    Bring it to Android and I’m sold. Especially after Ouya comes out.

  4. Well I wouldn’t want to play CT on an i-anything anyhow. But it does kind of suck that the soundtrack will be more complete in that version.

    I’m not holding my breath for an update to the PSN/360 versions. It’s already been a couple years since they came out. 🙁

  5. celsowm says:

    Better than the GBA version? 😀

  6. -nSega54- says:

    I’m not too surprised…it doesn’t cost a lot to license songs from Offspring and Bad Religion…they should have been in there in the XBLA/PSN ports to begin with.

    It’s good to see Sega’s gotten less cheap in this regard, hopefully excluding key songs from re-releases doesn’t happen again.

  7. Crackdude says:

    It is understandable that Sega didn’t risk any extra money on the xbla rerelease of a 15yo game.
    But it was successful to the point of Sega bringing out all these cool HD games and iThings

  8. Bareknuckle4 says:

    Not sure about the hate for iOS but i think SEGA should start supporting of screen controls for third party control devices.

    If its the same quality as the SASASR port I’m sure they have another iOS hit on they’re hands. Day one buy for me.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Shenmue hit iOS in the near future either.

  9. Lisa says:

    I would have bought it on PSN had they not completely killed it by removing the classic songs! So I still play it on DC.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    “It is understandable that Sega didn’t risk any extra money on the xbla rerelease of a 15yo game.”

    I disagree, I think if you’re going to charge fans to play the same game again then it really should be the same game…

    Given the negative reception the PSN/XBLA Crazy Taxi port received because of the music, I’m sure it would have sold better with the songs included.

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