A Sonic Playground – Built in One Day

Over 200 volunteers from SEGA, KaBoom! and Youth Uprising built a playground in Oakland, CA in just one day.

What better way to celebrate Sonics 20th anniversary than to build a playground? I think this is such an awesome idea and further cements in my mind that Sega are one of the best videogame companies out there and in fact goes a long way to show videogames aren’t all bad like the media likes to make it seem! As strange as it may sound I think it can be easy to forget that videogames are just as much for kids as they are for us adults that never grew up.

Good on you Sega!

Sonic Anniversary Trailer – Through the Ages

A trailer which shows some of Sonics greatest highlights through the 20 years since his creation, most of the worst offenders in the series were tastefully left off of this video although Sonic 06 managed to sneak its way in there. Interestingly Sonic 4 was not included but thankfully Sonic Colours was, awesome!

Very excited for Sonic Generations, do us proud Sega!

Sonic Generations – City Escape Interview & Walkthrough

So this is pretty awesome, GameSpot snagged a nice long interview with ‘new guy’ (yeah, I’ll learn your name in due time… When you live up to Aaron and Ken!) and the game director Hiroshi Miyamoto.

You can see the entire walkthrough of Green Hill Zone and City Escape in both modern and classic gameplay. It looks pretty great! Part one is above and hit the jump to see part 2!

Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary – Trailer

This year isn’t just Sonics 20th birthday! No, this year is also the 20th anniversary of one of the best if not the very best ‘falling blocks’ puzzle game ever, Puyo Puyo! To celebrate, Sega is releasing a Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary game for the Nintendo DS which will feature 20 years of Puyo Puyo game modes and characters.

These modes are from fan favourites like Puyo Puyo Sun, Tsu and Puyo Pop Fever amongst others. Returning characters range from the early days right up to Puyo Puyo 7. The Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary game features coop and competitive wireless gameplay for up to 8 players!

If nothing else, the trailer is worth a watch simply for that man in the ball… Good stuff Japan!

Sonic 20th Anniversary – Japanese Commercial

The blue rat’s 20th Anniversary is picking up speed in Japan and Sega have released a commercial to get the ball rolling. The commercial highlights just a few of the promotions for Sonic this year, including a mention of Sonic Colours, Sega’s arcade/theme park Joyopolis (possibly holding some kind of events), Sonic plush UFO catchers and of course Sonic Generations!

Looks like Sega’s going all out for the 20th anniversary of our favourite blue Hedgehog! May it be a good one!