SEGA Amusements announces Target Bravo: Operation Ghost, a new Ghost Squad arcade game


Via Arcade Heroes comes news of SEGA Amusements’ lineup for IAAPA 2016, the biggest arcade and amusement industry trade show. Headlining what SEGA Amusements plans to have on show includes a new entry to the Ghost Squad series entitled Target Bravo: Operation Ghost. The game is described as a new two-player game which sees players sitting in a 55″ theater cabinet. The game features new weapons, gadgets and equipment as well as the ability to start at any stage in the game.

Given Target Bravo: Operation Ghost contains the Operation Ghost name, which was the 2011 sequel to Ghost Squad, it is likely based on the title and description that this is a reworked version of Operation Ghost with a stage select, new items, a sit down cabinet and possible graphical enhancements being what sets it apart from Operation Ghost. So while this is not likely the true third game in the series, it is very cool to see SEGA keeping the franchise alive.

After the break read SEGA Amusements’ press release for Target Bravo: Operation Ghost and learn about what other games SEGA has to show at IAAPA 2016

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Arcade Review: Dream Raiders

One of the newest entries in Sega’s arcade lineup, Dream Raiders has just arrived at my local arcade (Round 1 in Puente Hills which houses a lot of Sega games and Sega owned UFO catchers) and is attracting quite a few arcade goers. But is your short time with Dream Raiders worth the price of admission or is it all ride and no game?

SEGA shows off its new arcade title, Dream Raiders

Above is an artist rendering of the arcade cabinet for SEGA’s new typhoon game, Dream Raiders. I know most of you where thinking this hopefully had something to do with NiGHTS into Dreams, but it doesn’t. Sorry.

The game is set to give players a ‘sense of speed’ by mimicking wind effects in real time as you play. This sort of thing is usually referred to as 4D, so this would be a 4D game. Though I doubt SEGA wants to use it to market it, seeing how most people find 3D to be a gimmick (which it mostly is). The game is running on RingWide arcade board. This is usually used for less graphically powered games. Hit the jump to see screenshots of the game! If you want to see video, SEGA is holding it hostage till they get 100 likes on the game’s Facebook page.