Sonic and Puyo Puyo’s Special Menu Items at Osaka Mall

A Twitter post announced a collaboration with The Grand Game at Osaka’s Grand Front Complex in Japan with the Sonic the Hedgehog & Puyo Puyo franchises as part of their special menu for the location’s 10th anniversary event. From now until May 14th, attendees can visit the arcade and try out some themed foods like a Sonic latte & a Puyo pancake. Attendees can also take pictures at a photo op with cutouts of Sonic & Puyo characters and can play various games, such as a giant UFO crane machine & a Pac-Man themed golf course shaped from the level mazes.

SEGA Fes 2019 to host SEGA Saturn’s 25th Anniversary Event with Hiroshi Fujioka as special guest

This month will be an exciting one for every SEGA fan out there as SEGA FES 2019 is only 30 days away from us! To celebrate this year’s event, the SEGA Festival will be hosting a special event dedicated to the SEGA Saturn’s 25th Anniversary and celebrating it’s launch in Japan since the console’s release on September 1994.

The stage presentation will take look back on the history of Sega Saturn 25 years together with those who are deeply involved with the Sega Saturn and people from the industry, including the appearance of Hiroshi Fujioka who portrayed as Segata Sanshiro, a martial artist who commanded people to play Sega Saturn games, for the console’s commercials over the years. 

The stage presentation will be held at SEGA FES 2019 on March 30th at Bersaar Akihabara. We will keep our readers posted on more news regarding SEGA FES 2019 this month. Are you looking forward to this year’s SEGA FES? Let’s us know on the comments below. 

SEGA teasing new update for Border Break Zero Plus


SEGA-AM2’s Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars debuted way back in September 9, 2009 and since then it has been regularly updated, while still being played competitively in Japan. The game has received over 16 huge updates that all came with name changes. The new version of Border Break is being titled Border Break Zero Plus, the earlier version was being called ‘Border Break X Zero’. As you can tell, the Border Break franchise has been a huge hit for SEGA in arcades.

SEGA is getting ready to show off Border Break X Zero at an official event being held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center at hall 1000 on July 30th. The Japanese Border Break X Zero site also teases that some stores will be participating in showing off the new versions of the game, in a Japan tour that SEGA has planned. I gendered at the schedule with Google Translate and it seems to be opening with a VR demonstration, then moves on to a lottery giveaway and then later will have a competitive tournament with the newest Border Break X Zero build.

It is a little sad that we didn’t even get a console or even a PC port (considering the arcade version is played with a mouse) and was kept as a Japanese only arcade release. Would you play the game if it ever came out outside of arcades?

[Source: Border Break Site]

Yakuza 6 getting big reveal event in Japan on July 26

Yakuza6-119If you are looking forward to Yakuza 6, you might want to mark July 26th on your calander since SEGA will be having a huge event hosted at UDX Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo. The event will be held for press but will have 66 Yakuza 6 fans attending (since they won a raffle).

These are some of the Yakuza 6 announcements expected at the event:

  • New Yakuza 6 footage focusing on exciting drama scenes
  • New Yakuza 6 cast of actors and actresses
  • New Yakuza 6 settings announced
  • Yakuza 6 announcement to be announced (wow, inception)

There will also be a autograph session to close out the event which will be from 1:00pm to 1:45pm JST. Yakuza 6 is expected to hit Japanese stores this fall while the West is set to get Yakuza 0 early 2017. Yes, it sucks being behind the Japanese releases.

Sakura Wars 20th Anniversary event coming to Japan in September


The Japanese SEGA franchise Sakura Wars is turning 20 years old, and to celebrate it, a special event will be hosted in Japan. Titled “Chisa Yokoyama’s Sakura Wars 20th Birthday Party”, it will feature a total of five talk events from the varies voice actors who have been involved with the franchise in both the games and the special OVA Sakura Wars: The Radiant Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms. This event will span between September 23rd to September 25th, which is coincidentally a few days before the release date of the SEGA Saturn version of Sakura Wars that started it all.

Sakura Wars has not made a presence for itself outside of Japan, but in Japan it’s one of the most beloved franchises from SEGA. Combining strategy RPG and visual novel elements, the series has had the longevity to produce 5 mainline titles, several prequels, gaiden, and spin-offs titles, and anime and manga. Most games take place in an alternate universe in the early 1900’s after the first World War, with the key difference from our timeline is that it involves advanced steam powered machinery and the concept of spiritual power or reiryoku (霊力).

For information on pricing, talk events scheduling, and location, click the Read More tag.

SEGA announces ‘Hatsune Miku Symphony’ full orchestra concert

20160530_101229SEGA has announced that they will be putting on the very first Hatsune Miku orchestra concert. They are calling the event ‘Hatsune Miku Symphony‘ and will be performed with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Hatsune Miku Symphony will be performed at Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo on August 26, 2016. Hologram Hatsune Miku will be singing during the concert, of course.

Hatsune Miku Symphony tickets are set to cost 8,000 yen ($72 USD) for A-seats, 9,000 yen ($81 USD) for S-seats, and 14,800 ($126 USD) yen for ‘Special Seats’ that include limited edition goods. Tickets go on sale starting June 28th.

Meet Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock champion Chris Tang at Galloping Ghost Arcade’s SEGA Week


SEGA Week at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL runs from April 25th to the 30th, and we’re excited to announce a special guest who will be in attendance all week long: Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock finalist and champ Chris Tang! Back in 1994, SEGA of America held an insane Sonic & Knuckles event on Alcatraz Island dubbed “Rock the Rock”, featuring TV coverage by MTV and co-hosting duties by Daisy Fuentes. Sounds crazy, right? Well that’s the 90s for you. Chris Tang’s other accomplishments include the 1990 Nintendo World Championships grand finals and in later years becoming a creator in the game industry, contributing to franchises that include Street Fighter, Transformers, Marvel vs. Capcom and Power Stone.

If you live in the area, or have never visited Chicago, head on over to the Galloping Ghost Arcade! On April 30th join us for SEGAbits Saturday, which will highlight the many SEGA games celebrating anniversaries as well as the arcade originals of the SEGA 3D Classics titles – SEGA 3D Classics Collection releases that same week to the Nintendo 3DS. We also plan to feature special tournaments with prizes . There will also be surprise reveals of classic SEGA arcade machines, playable for the first time at the arcade, and Chris Tang will be there.

Join us for SEGA Week at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL, April 25th to 30th


SEGAbits is excited and honored to reveal that we’ll be collaborating with Galloping Ghost Arcade, America’s largest arcade, for SEGA Week from Monday, April 25th to Saturday, April 30th at midnight. Galloping Ghost Arcade is located just outside Chicago in Brookfield, IL, and features over 500 classic and modern arcade machines, and several of them are made by SEGA. SEGA Week’s main focus will be tournaments covering 10 SEGA arcade titles, of which will remain a mystery until the day of the tournament. Still, if you want an idea of what to expect, the arcade has SEGA titles which include OutRun, Space Harrier, Thunder Blade, Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, Zaxxon, SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Championship, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Golden Axe, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder and several more.

On April 30th join us for SEGAbits Saturday, which will highlight the many SEGA games celebrating anniversaries as well as the arcade originals of the SEGA 3D Classics titles – SEGA 3D Classics Collection releases that same week to the Nintendo 3DS. We also plan to feature special tournaments with prizes courtesy of SEGA and Archie Comics. There will also be surprise reveals of classic SEGA arcade machines, playable for the first time at the arcade, and you might even encounter a special guest or two.

More details to be shared as SEGA Week draws near, but make sure to mark both the week and SEGAbits Saturday on your calendar now as it is an event that is not to be missed! For details on the arcade and more, visit the Galloping Ghost website and the SEGA Week event page on Facebook.

After the break, check out some photos of the arcade, just to get a sense of the size and selection of games. It’s huge.

SEGA Announces Sonic 25th Anniversary Party in July during San Diego Comic Con

Sonic25thAnniversaryPartyDuring SEGA’s SxSW panel, which was filled with Sonic the Hedgehog alumni including series developers Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka. SEGA announced that they will be having a Sonic 25th Anniversary Party on July . The party will be held in San Diego and tickets are already on sale! Tickets cost $25 dollars and can be purchased online at

This was the announcement that Sonic the Hedgehog teased for the event, even if Sonic fans want it to be the Sonic 25th Anniversary game instead. Who knows, maybe that’s what will be shown at the Sonic 25th Anniversary party?

After the break, read the full event description.

Yakuza Kiwami’s Valentine’s Day Promo Event

Yakuza Kiwami came out at the end of last month, that doesn’t mean SEGA of Japan is done promoting. Above is a promotional event SEGA did with PlayStation to promote the game on Valentine’s Day. What it seems like to me is that the people had to walk a sort of red carpet as grown men dressed up like Yakuza bow as they walked. A scene that is straight out of Yakuza Kiwami. Their prize? I would assume a copy of the game.

So far Yakuza Kiwami hasn’t gotten a release date outside of Japan, where its available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Yakuza Kiwami  has moved over 200,000 units in its first two weeks on sale, so the game seems to be doing fine.

SEGA News Bits: Sonic Fan Event 2015 Recap

SEGA has held another Sonic Fan Event this year announcing a few surprises for Sonic fans, especially those that are huge fans of Sonic music. On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we recap the event, give you our thoughts on the announcements.

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PSO2 Live Event with new info on Episode III & Nova plus a live performance from Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

During a live event for Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan, SEGA announced more information regarding features for the upcoming Episode III update and Phantasy Star Nova. One of the newest features happens to be called “Ultimate Quests” which will launch in winter and new Wopel field, Ascended Facility, will be included in a update this fall. Episode III is still slated for release on August 27th, 2014.

PSO2 vol.3 Soundtrack has been announced for December 14th release with a 4 CD set for 5000 yen with Mining Base Defense included. A collaboration crossover was also announced for Phantasy Star Nova featuring main characters from PSO2 as long as the player has the game data stored on their PlayStation Vita. Phantasy Star Nova will also be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

For more information on other upcoming updates for PSO2, be sure to click this link on the entire live stream recap and for the awesome live performance of Burning Hearts performed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, hit the jump for video footage!

SEGA’s Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax will be shown to the public on Oct 6th

We already talked about Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax before, SEGA’s new 2D fighting game. But there hasn’t been anything other than screenshots shown (teaser trailer here!). How will it play? Will it even be good? Well, you can expect tons of footage of the game running and hands-on impressions early next month.

The game will be shown at the Dengeki Bunko 2013 Autumn Festival, sadly this is a Japanese event. If you live in Japan, check out the game’s site for more information. The event will be free! It is confirmed that the public build will only have two playable characters, Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Asuna (Sword Art Online).

SEGAbits Event: Project X Zone Launch Party in Savannah, GA!


Attention to our SEGABits readers of Georgia!

My friends and I, along with my local GameStop, are teaming up to throw a launch party for the upcoming crossover RPG game of the century: Project X Zone. The game features numerous SEGA, Capcom, and Namco Bandai franchises! To celebrate this crossover, I want to invite you the launch party for the Western release of the game! Come and play games developed by Namco Bandai Games, Capcom, and SEGA that are represented in Project X Zone such as Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, Sakura Wars, Megaman X and more. If you would like to come in cosplay as your favorite character from Namco, Capcom, or SEGA, we will gladly take pictures and send them to the companies community pages. It’s $5 dollars to get in and receive a random raffle ticket to win a free copy of Project X Zone. The party will be held at the Applebees Restaurant near 1120 Abercorn St Savannah, GA 31419 on June 26th at 5:30pm-11:30pm. Combining your attacks is the key to victory! Hit the jump for more details.

SEGA posts a Sonic Boom 2012 recap video

Oh memories, it feels like Sonic Boom 2012 just happened. Wait, it did? Jesus, time is going slow. If you went to the event, congratulations, you can now relive it through YouTube daily. If you didn’t, you can watch the video above and make yourself believe you were there.