SEGA Tunes: AJ takes a look at Flashback: Quest for Identity

AJ Rosa decided to take a look at two of his favorite songs from Flashback’s CD soundtrack. Take a look!

It’s kind of funny looking back on all those advertisements for Flashback on Sega Genesis that graced several gaming magazines in 1993. “It’s a CD-ROM game on a cartridge.”

That was a bold statement for sure, but once my brother and I laid eyes on those fluid cinematic cut-scenes, rotoscoped animation and hand-drawn backgrounds, our minds were totally blown. The music was something else. Synth-based minimalism that brought to mind images of a future where space travel is effortless, civilization is prospering, all while something dark and sinister builds underneath its glossy exterior. It gave me that very same feeling as when I watched Escape from New York or Blade Runner. Those scores may be simplistic in instrumentation, but there’s no denying their power to engage and affect an audience….

My Life With SEGA remembers it all in Flashback

This week on My Life With SEGA, AJ plays the SEGA Genesis classic Flashback: The Quest for Identity. Here’s a question: if it’s titled “Flashback”, why does it take place in the future? Anyway, here’s what AJ has to say about this week’s show:

This is largely considered one of the best cinematic platformers ever made, along with Prince of Persia and Another World. It had one of the most ambitious marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen, boldly exclaiming it’s “A CD-ROM game in a CARTRIDGE!”. My brother and I were amazed….back in 1993.

Is it a flashback worth having, or should we data-dump it like a fresh brownie?

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