Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown revealed as Virtua Fighter eSports – New artwork released

Back on April 2 the title Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown was leaked and today we have some additional information. As suspected, the game is the name for Japan’s Virtua Fighter eSports. Artwork for the game, seen above was published on the Japanese PSN while the Asian PSN has the game listed as Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown for PlayStation 4. This name change is no different from Japan’s Puyo Puyo eSports and Puyo Puyo Champions, the latter being the name for all other regions.

Swingin’ Report Show #54: SEGA Retro Talk with GameSpot editor Peter Brown

The SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show is back for 2014, and boy do we have a good show for you!

SEGAbits editor/writer Barry the Nomad and SEGAbits writer, Sonic Talk host, and Sonic Stadium writer Jason aka Shigs are joined by GameSpot editor Peter Brown for a retro themed round table discussion. Peter shares how he got into video game journalism and gives us his thoughts on the Xbox One’s Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor Crimson Dragonwhich he officially reviewed for GameSpot. We also discuss the many SEGA consoles celebrating anniversaries this year and share some good ol’ SEGA memories. Listen today, and while you’re at it subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes!

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Can you play a SEGA Dreamcast through the Xbox One’s HDMI in?

Despite it being a big week for video games, with both Sony and Microsoft releasing new consoles, very little has applied to SEGA fans. Aside from Xbox One’s Crimson Dragon, there are no actual SEGA games releasing on either console at launch. However, thanks to GameSpot editor Peter Brown, who we’ve been chatting with on Twitter, we may have an answer for whether or not you can play a Dreamcast through the Xbox One. After we tweeted “Awaiting the first video of a Dreamcast with VGA out going through an HDMI converter box, and into the HDMI in port of an Xbox One”, Peter replied, “I tried passing a composite signal into a HDMI conv box, and it won’t work. Following up with Microsoft re: HDMI passthrough reqs”. So it looks like the Genesis, Saturn, or any other composite signal console running through an HDMI converter is a no go. Peter then tried running a VGA signal through an HDMI converter and….

Want even more Sonic Lost World gameplay? Here’s more Sonic Lost World gameplay!

Because clearly we hadn’t seen enough of Sonic Lost World yet, SEGA has shown off the new Gamescom demo to Gamespot. This 22 minute long video shows three new zones and one we’ve seen before, so if you want to spoil yourself all of these levels you can do so by watching the video above. Or if you’re going to Gamescom you can play it yourself at Nintendo’s booth.

Twelve minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD!

Jeff Beckham, Digital Brand Manager at Sega of America, stopped by Gamespot’s live show to present 12 minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD gameplay. Ignore the dumb host, who seems to know next to nothing about SEGA’s Saturn classic, and soak up the lovely HD visuals. Take note that the menu screen mentions “Presents” and has a few blanked out menu options. Looks like we’ll be getting Christmas NiGHTS integrated into the rerelease. Hooray! No price is set yet, but Mr. Beckham makes it sound like fans will be pleased with the price point. If it’s anything like other SEGA Heritage releases, it’ll be $10. Thanks to reader celsowm for the heads up!

Sonic 4 News: Metal Sonic playable in episode 1, sand zone revealed and release dates!

Gamespot’s On the Spot internet show has just revealed that Metal Sonic will be playable in Sonic 4 Episode 1. Dubbed “Episode Metal”, the new play mode will be unlocked for owners of both episodes. Episode Metal promises: a playable Metal Sonic (duh), four exclusive levels and promises that fans will “discover the rebirth of Metal Sonic”. So a Sonic CD side story, perhaps? Ken Balough likened it to Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On technology. The episode 1 stages are reworked and are promised to bridge the gap between Sonic CD and Sonic 4. The show also revealed a new trailer showing off a sand zone that up until now was only seen in a single screen leaked on Release dates were also given for the game: May 15th – PS3, May 16th – Xbox 360, May – PC, iOSn Tegra devices, June – Android, July – Windows phone. You can view the full video here, skip to 29:00.

Renegade Ops Video Previews from IGN and Gamespot

Today, IGN has shown a hands-on preview of Renegade Ops. They showcased the many different characters and vehicles in the game. Meanwhile, Gamespot got an interview and long demo of the game. I’ll admit, I overlooked this game completely at E3, but once I got a hands on at the Sega Arcade during Comic Con, I was sold.

Renegade Ops will be available in September. Click “Continue Reading” for the Gamespot video.

Gamespot interviews the producer for Shinobi 3DS

It’s funny how they talk about the parrying system being new to the game; if I recall correctly, it was in the Saturn title of Shinobi as well. But hey, I’m no producer at SEGA, what do I know.

Then he talks about a multiplier they added, which seems to be based off of Shinobi on PS2. Only in this one, if you do unique attacks you get stronger?

On another note, expect more media coverage for Rise of Nightmares soon, since you can see from looking back at the interview that they showed it off at this press event too.

Aaron Webber on GameSpot. More Hints at Sonic Boom Event

Aaron Webber was recently on Gamespot’s Daily Demo. He discussed Sonic Generations for awhile and also talked about the upcoming Sonic Boom event on June 8th at Club Nokia. Some hints of what to be expected include “Musical Guests” and “stars from Sonic’s history”.

As always we’ll keep you informed as more details of this event emerge.