Classic Game Room names indie Dreamcast game Gunlord game of the year

Leave it to Mark of Classic Game Room to still believe in the SEGA Dreamcast! In his top ten games of 2012 video, Mark named the Dreamcast indie game Gunlord from NG:DEV.TEAM as his favorite game of the year. Other notable titles mentioned by Mark: Under Defeat HD (an HD title, but originally an arcade and Dreamcast game), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (which beat Forza Horizon and F1 2012 on the list), and Yakuza: Dead Souls. Truly a SEGA fan after my own beer- I mean, heart.

The Weekly Five: Why Dreamcast fans should be playing Gunlord

The indie Dreamcast game Gunlord from NG:DEV.TEAM has been out for less than a month, and while I’m sure many fans of indie Dreamcast titles have picked it up and are enjoying it, there are always those who are still on the fence and are either waiting to hear more opinions or for a price drop. I’m sure there are also those who have their Dreamcast stashed away in a closet and need a reason to dig it out. In this week’s Weekly Five I thought I’d share five reasons why Gunlord is worthy of a Dreamcast fan’s collection.

The Dreamcast Junkyard takes a look at the Gunlord Limited Edition

SEGA Network partner The Dreamcast Junkyard has uploaded a great unboxing and gameplay video of the latest indie Dreamcast game, Gunlord. DCJY writer The GagaMan(n) got his hands on the Limited Edition version of the game, which includes a soundtrack CD along with the game. The package art looks beautiful, and the booklet is loaded with great artwork. The game itself looks unlike any other indie Dreamcast game we’ve seen, despite the storyline having ties to NG:Dev.Team’s Last Hope: Pink Bullets. Check out the video here!

Have any readers picked the game up? If so, what do you think of it? I’ve ordered the limited edition earlier this week, and hope to get my hands on it before July 4th. I figure all the shooting can act as our fireworks this year. You can buy yourself a copy at NG:Dev.Team’s shop.

NG.DEV.TEAM bringing GunLord to the Dreamcast in 2011

Less than a month into 2011 and already we have two games to look forward to on the Dreamcast! RedSpotGames announced the shmup Strumwind, and now NG.DEV.TEAM have announced their next game GunLord! Rene Hellwig briefly talked about it in our interview with them last year.

Very little is known of the game, aside from a teaser site and logo. However, above the logo are the words “Jump. Shoot. Explore.” as well as “A Jump N Shoot Action Game”.

Thanks to Dreamcast Junkyard reader Anthony817 for the tip!

[source: The Dreamcast Junkyard]