SEGA Memories: A look back at Toys ‘R’ Us’ 1996 holiday video game catalog

Its almost that time of season where most kids are waiting to tell their parents what modern day war shooter they want under their Christmas tree. Its also the time where older folks, like ourselves on the site, think about our previous holidays and how we used to make our parents waste hoards of cash to buy our affection. Wasn’t that great? Well this week on Monday Memories we will look at the 1996 holiday Toy ‘R’ Us video game catalog. I remember these where awesome as a kid, it was like window shopping for games in my underwear.

From SEGAbits with Love – new SEGA-themed Valentines are here!


Last year we presented a collection of print-and-cut-out SEGAbits themed Valentines, and this year we’re doing it again! We’re sharing these a day early to give SEGA fans time to prepare. Simply print, cut-out and give (or tweet or instagram or Facebook post) a SEGA Valentine to the man or woman in your life, and pretty soon they’ll be on you like an E-19 Egg Keeper (Sonic Adventure enemy reference, look it up). Have a happy Valentine’s day tomorrow!

After the break, double your love by checking out our Valentines from last year.

SEGA Tunes Holiday Special: Featuring Sakura Wars and Shenmue!

How do you know something is big in Japan? When the above exists. I’m sure many of you have heard of Sakura Wars, SEGA’s series of strategy/dating simulator games that until recently never made it outside of Japan, but did you know that the franchise has also been used as the source material for a variety of stage shows dating all the way back to 1997?

The above video is from a Christmas stage show that the cast of the games performed back in 1998. In it, you can see many of the core cast members of the original Sakura Wars being portrayed by their voice actors as they sing a variety of Christmas tunes. Its hard to believe that there was once a SEGA franchise big enough to warrant this amount of production.

So pour yourself some eggnog, sit back and enjoy some pleasant Christmas-y SEGA tunes. Given that this is Christmas, we can’t exactly just give you one song now can we? Check below the fold for more Christmas music from both Sakura Taisen and Shenmue.

Happy Holidays from SEGAbits – deck the halls with SEGA ornaments!

Happy holidays from all of us at SEGAbits! We’re truly thankful the have such an awesome community, and look forward to what 2013 will bring. As a special holiday treat, we’ve made some SEGA themed ornaments for fans to print, cut out, and hang on their Christmas tree, or whatever plants they may have sitting about their house. Directions: Below are the two pages in thumbnail form. Open both in new tabs, hit print, glue them back to back and cut out the four ornaments. Using a hole puncher, or the pointy end of an ornament hook, make a hole in the top of the ornament. Then, if you did it correctly, you’ll have four cool SEGA themed ornaments. It’s that easy!

Again, a very happy holidays and all the best in 2013 and beyond.

– The SEGAbits Team

Happy Fourth of July to all the American SEGA fans out there!

As the date states, it’s the Fourth of July! That means Americans are drinking, barbecuing and blowing stuff up. To celebrate, we gathered together three Dreamcast VMUs to make a patriotic red, white and blue photo for our Instagram feed. If you want, you can follow us on Instagram. Just download the app and search “SEGAbits”. How are the American SEGA fans out there celebrating? I can tell you that I played an hour of Binary Domain, and fittingly they called me Dan the Yankee. Happy holiday, and drink game responsibly!

Say “I Love You” SEGA Style With These SEGAbits Valentines!

Flowers, candy and an expensive meal got nothing on these SEGA themed Valentines! Consider these our gift to you, and your key to a successful Valentine’s Day. Once you give one of these babies to the man or woman of your dreams, they’ll be asking to join you in a game of Samba de Amigo Version 2000’s “Love Love” mode or beg you to play some Heart Attack mode in Outrun Online Arcade. What you do after that is up to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Weekly Five: SEGAbits Holiday Gift Guide

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the site, SEGA fans deserved presents, whether naughty or nice.

Okay, “site” and “nice” don’t rhyme. But you get where I’m going with this. The holidays (Christmas specifically, let’s not beat around the bush) are approaching, and you need ideas for what to give the SEGA fan in your life. If you don’t have a SEGA fan in your life, chances are YOU’RE the SEGA fan in your life. So what follows are five unique gift ideas for the holiday Christmas season.

Who is your favorite SEGA Dad?

Father’s day usually has me picturing Football and beer, but today we will talk about SEGA dads, which is your favorite? My vote goes to Iwao Hazuki. First of all he was voiced in Japan by Hiroshi Fujioka, the man that played Segata Sanshiro. Already awesome.

In the game Shenmue, there is also flash backs to Ryo and his dad as kids, like where he convinces him to eat carrots, even though he dislikes them. If you know kids, you know you have to be pretty good to convince them do what they don’t want to. Especially me, I was a fucking brat.

Not to mention he gave the location of the Dragon Mirror to Lan Di so he wouldn’t hurt his son. Even though we know its very important object, so much so that he would fight and risk his own life to protect it.

Who is your favorite SEGA dad?