SEGA Tunes Holiday Special: Featuring Sakura Wars and Shenmue!

How do you know something is big in Japan? When the above exists. I’m sure many of you have heard of Sakura Wars, SEGA’s series of strategy/dating simulator games that until recently never made it outside of Japan, but did you know that the franchise has also been used as the source material for a variety of stage shows dating all the way back to 1997?

The above video is from a Christmas stage show that the cast of the games performed back in 1998. In it, you can see many of the core cast members of the original Sakura Wars being portrayed by their voice actors as they sing a variety of Christmas tunes. Its hard to believe that there was once a SEGA franchise big enough to warrant this amount of production.

So pour yourself some eggnog, sit back and enjoy some pleasant Christmas-y SEGA tunes. Given that this is Christmas, we can’t exactly just give you one song now can we? Check below the fold for more Christmas music from both Sakura Taisen and Shenmue.

This track played in Sakura Wars 2 when the characters are putting together a Christmas play.


This track played in Dobuita during Christmas in Shenmue.


A christmas track from Shenmue Passport.


2 responses to “SEGA Tunes Holiday Special: Featuring Sakura Wars and Shenmue!

  1. Kori says:

    When I was kid, I wanted to go to Japan and watch the Sakura Wars plays there. There still doing more in Japan even today.

  2. Pira says:

    There’s actually still Sakura Wars plays, even now. In fact, they just finished their end of the year play with the 3rd and 5th game cast!

    Wonderful linking to the video though…I needed some X-mas cheer and this was it…! Happy Holidays~!

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