Valkyria Chronicles 4 live stream promises first in-game footage on Dec. 27


SEGA has declared that they will be hosting a live stream for Valkyria Chronicles 4 before the end of the year. On December 27, SEGA has promised to show off the very first gameplay footage of the upcoming SRPG.

The live stream will start on December 27, 2018 at 8:00pm JST and can be viewed at:

SEGA has confirmed that guests on the stream include the following voice actresses: Naomi Ohzora (voices Nikola Grev) and Yukiyo Fujii (voices Kiara Rosina). Hashiyan Kosaka has been confirmed to MC the event. Of course the creators behind the game will also be on the stream, explaining things. I would hope.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 hits Japanese PlayStation 4 owners on March 21, 2018 and later in 2018 for Nintendo Switch. As for us Westerners, we will get the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018.

Yakuza Creator and Persona Director to host SEGA live stream on July 25


Its not uncommon for SEGA’s general director and creator of the Yakuza (then Spikeout, Super Monkey Ball, Daytona USA, and more) series Toshihiro Nagoshi to have a stream. Its a very regular thing he does over in Japan. On the live streams he likes to bring on other SEGA creators to talk about various topics including movies, music and even their projects they are working or worked on.

We should be having a pretty good live stream later this week as Toshihiro Nagoshi has invited Persona 5 director and producer Katsura Hashino and will stream on July 25, 2017. Not to mention Katsura Hashino is also working on a new game, with a new studio within Atlus, this project is being called Project Re: Fantasy. Maybe the stream will offer more details on that project and even the next Yakuza title? Maybe, maybe not. Tokyo Game Show 2017 is only a couple of months away, so it wouldn’t be crazy if they hint at something.

You can catch the live stream, if you are fluent in Japanese or watch anime, on July 25th at 8:55pm JST on Niconico. I guess we shall see what comes of this, stay tuned to the site as we post an update on what went down on the stream.

SEGA Central Doing Live Show on August 12th

SEGA Europe’s SEGA Central show will be doing a live broadcast on August 12, 2016 at 8:30 AM PST. The show promises to finally reveal the release date for SEGA 3D Classics Collection in Europe, plus talk about the latest going on with SEGA and Dan (SEGA Central host) will answer people’s questions that have been sent in.

While it doesn’t seem like SEGA Central will have something mind blowing, like a new game announcement, it is still nice that SEGA Europe are doing these types of shows. So make sure to tune in and support the show.


A look at SEGA of Japan’s Yakuza stage show

Did you know that the Japanese love going to stage shows? Did you know that SEGA have made quite a bit of stage shows of their franchises including stuff like Phantasy Star Online 2 and now Yakuza aka Ryu Ga Gotoku? I have to be honest, the stage show doesn’t look half bad from Famitu’s photo gallery and most of the actors fit their roles unlike the Takashi Miike directed ‘Like a Dragon’ movie.

Below you can see a few of the photographs taken from the stage show’s debut. If you want more head over to Famitsu’s extensive gallery.

Atlus set for another Persona announcement on May 2nd

Right after the SEGA buyout was confirmed, Atlus went ahead and confirmed that they where working on four Persona titles. Seems that isn’t enough, since we will be getting another announcement come May 2nd.

Atlus will be having a live Persona-related stream on NicoNico on May 2nd, 11:30pm JST. What is this stream about? They will have guests, preview material for the upcoming Persona 3: Midsummer Knight’s Dream movie, and this teased announcement.

The last event was when Atlus announced those upcoming Persona games. What do they have in store this time? Another movie? More games? I guess we will find out soon.

Does Sega have a new game coming?…Hell Yeah!

Today, Sega announces “Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit” a new downloadable game from Arkedo Studios, the developers behind Big Bang Mini and Nervous Brickdown. The game looks to be a heavily (but comically) violent 2-D action game set in the depths of hell. Drag your mouse over to read more about this game and see an ultra violent trailer. “The rabbit is coming! You better start running!”

New Sonic CD Trailer

A new, very TV broadcast-like (Is that a word?) trailer of Sonic CD has now been put up by Sega. The trailer emphasizes it’s Genesis Sega CD roots, while also keeping up the “prequel to Sonic 4” thing.

Sonic CD is due out later this year for LIVE, PSN and iOS platforms.

Source [Sega]

Celebrate the Dreamcast’s 12th Birthday With Us!

Since 2009, It has become a yearly tradition for me to throw a Dreamcast birthday party by way of Dreamcast gaming, a live stream, chit chat, drinking and pizza. This year will be no different from last year: Starting at 11am Eastern Standard Time (5pm GMT) on Friday, September 9th, I’ll be kicking off the party at We’ll play a ton of games, chat, reminisce and celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s American launch. We’ll check out the original launch titles, play some wacky imports, go on a Dobuita shopping spree and I even have a few surprises.

So mark your calendars and keep your eyes on The Dreamcast Junkyard and SEGAbits as the big day nears!

Sakura Wars Live announces new show dates

Sakura Wars will be having its long awaited (according to their site) live comback. There will be 4 shows, spanning 3 days. The party starts on December 10th and ends on the 12th.

The show is going to be entitled: “Sakura Taisen: Pari Hanigumi Live 2010 – Sparking Stars – Pretty Flowers”. It is hard to get a translation out of google. I guess its good to know that Sakura Wars name is still being used, but what about a new game?

[Source: Sakura Wars blog]

Hatsune Miku concert coming to America

Hatsune Miku concert is heading to America for the the first time. If you are a vocaloid fan, seems like you are in luck.

When: Saturday, September 18th. 3:00PM – 5:00PM
Where: J-POP Summit Festival 2010. San Francisco’s “Japantown” neighborhood. in the area’s “NEW PEOPLE store”.

I myself am not into this whole Hatsune Miku thing, also not into SEGA’s PSP games they released. I guess there is an audience for this thing.

[Source: Japanator]