Gunslugs for Genesis/Mega-Drive has opened pre-orders for physical copies


Ready for another new Sega Genesis game? The new Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive version of Gunslugs is now available to pre-order in physical cartridge form, complete with box and manual. You can order it from The Retro Room Games right now as either a complete set for $44.99 USD, or just the cartridge and nothing else for $24.99. At the same time, a limited edition Gunslugs t-shirt is also available to pre-order for $20, but only until August 7th, so act quick if you want one. (EDIT: Despite the t-shirt page saying the shirt will not be available past August 7th, it is actually still there. If you try to order one, let us know in the comments if it works.)

Slug your way past the break for extra info.

The game’s description from The Retro Room reads:

“Gunslugs is a fast paced run and jump game with action packed levels and a rogue-like permadeath element. Gunslugs follows the adventures of a group of slugs who are attempting to find more information about the mysterious Black Duck army, and what their goals are. The army is waging war, and it’s the players job to stop them.”

If Gunslugs sounds familiar to you, that’s because this is an indie game by developer Orange Pixel that’s already been available for a few years on modern platforms, including Steam,, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and even the Atari VCS of all things, and you can check this link to the official website to direct you to each version of the game. You can also check out the sequel, Gunslugs 2. Gunslugs on Sega Genesis is, as far as I can tell, an official conversion of the game for the legendary 16-bit platform and the first version of the game on a Sega console.

And if The Retro Room Games sounds familiar, then first of all, thanks for reading SegaBits for a while, because we also talked about another homebrew game they released earlier this year for the Sega Saturn called Red Moon Lost Days. As of this writing, that game is also still available for purchase as well.

For more on Gunslugs for Sega Genesis, check out Orange Pixel’s blogpost about developing the Genesis version of the game.

So how are you liking the revival of the 16-bit Revolution? Will you be picking up this game or the shirt? Let us know in the comments below.


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