SEGA shows a preview of the new Sakura Taisen Stage Show

There’s a new Sakura Taisen stage play coming up next month. This doesn’t mean a new game, but it focuses on the Kanadegumi (performance) group from the latest manga which stars a new character named Neo Miyabi and the five main characters. An anime adaptation is also in the works. The play will run from November 1st to the 11th.


9 responses to “SEGA shows a preview of the new Sakura Taisen Stage Show

  1. Samwise says:

    This is the gayest thing I have ever seen. Also what is wrong with upper-case Bs in blue?

  2. korimaru says:

    I miss the original stage cast who voiced the characters in the game. They we’re bad ass. Too bad their getting old, but they still got that voice still kickin’.

  3. STORM! says:

    Sega really does not want to make new games for Sakura Taisen. They tried hard to replace it with Valkyria Chronicles but failed HARD!

    But since the brand still strong, Sega continues doing these things related to the series, but not like on the past.

    • Radrappy says:

      to me, this is Sega gauging interest in the ip if anything. A spin on an old formula to make it relevant again. The brand has more or less stagnated over time so this might be a way to reignite the franchise. I’ll admit I’m not too keen on the idea of courting dudes though.

      ; . ;

    • Joe says:

      The VC/ST connection is a tidbit of great confusion, but the thing is Sega CAN’T create more Sakura Taisen.
      they don’t own the rights to it.

      Sakura Taisen was originally made jointly by two of Sega’s internal dev studios (back when they had separate semi-autonomous internal studios) Red and Overworks. Red handled much of the creative side (Hiroi Ouji is from Red), and Overworks handled the technical details.

      but Red owns all the rights to the franchise.
      and they took those rights with them when they split from Sega back in 2005/2006, right after ST5, because Hiroi and other Red head staffers didn’t want to go through Sega’s planned splitting/reorganizing/combining of the internal studios.
      Sega supposedly retained publishing rights but that’s all, and i’m not even sure about that considering the last few SakuTai-related releases were done without Sega’s publishing involvement.

      Valkyria Chronicles’ SakuTai link is Overworks didn’t leave Sega.
      that’s why people said VC was created by “the developers of Sakura Taisen”. it was the Overworks side, not the Hiroi and Red side.
      in other words, the claim’s not incorrect or false, but a bit misleading as to how much the the SakuTai staff Valkyria Chronicles really had (at the very least, none of the creative leads).

      Sega didn’t try to replace Sakura Taisen with Valkyria as much as formerly-Overworks created a new game using basically the same combat system THEY designed for Sakura Taisen.

      but neither Sega nor formerly-Overworks can recreate Sakura Taisen anymore even if they wanted unless they get Red on board, but it’s unclear how likely that will ever be.

      the split from Sega may have preserved Red’s autonomy, but financially it hasn’t been to their benefit and they haven’t released anything of consequence since doing it.

    • Kori-Maru says:

      Wasn’t Sakura used in Sega Splash Golf without Red’s copyright and has appeared in multiple crossovers with Sega characters in Japan (Samurai & Dragons Sega All-Stars pack & Project X Zone). The last thing I remember is that Sega and Red still has a strong relationship.

  4. korimaru says:

    I really wish they work on the prequel again from the World Project. I would love to kick ass with Kazuma Shinguji and Yoneda.

  5. segaismysavior says:

    Pretty funny to see the gender reversal, but those men are way too scrawny to appeal to a mass market. I’ll never get why Japan covets men who look like ladies.

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