Sonic Generations PC Mod Brings Back Old Friends

Do you miss the good ol’ days of the Sonic franchise when you could play as Tails, Knuckles and all the other secondary characters? After a bit of modding to the PC version of Sonic Generations, a Russian Sonic fan has brought back the supporting cast by dropping them into modern Sonic’s stages. The video above shows off Shadow, Tails, Rouge, Blaze, Amy and Knuckles running through Crisis City. They may not have their signature moves (yet) but they appear to be fully functional. After the break, more videos of the sidekicks stealing Sonic’s thunder.

Watch Super Sonic beat Perfect Chaos in Sonic Generations

Were you upset that you weren’t able to play as Super Sonic during Perfect Chaos? Well, worry no more! A passionate Sonic fan has modded the PC version with a model swap on perfect chaos.

It’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty awesome to see. There is no download as of yet, but you know there will be one eventually, whether it is through this guy or someone else.

I’m hoping one day someone can mod the PC version to play more like the Sonic Adventure Perfect Chaos battle. I feel like the Generations version of Perfect Chaos is missing that sense of epic speed and scale.

Explore the World of Jet Set Radio Future!

In my regular internet browsing, I came across a blog entitled JSRF Inside. The blog is dedicated to ripping models, textures and environments from the XBOX classic Jet Set Radio Future. What is so insanely cool about the blog is that the owner and model ripper provides a number of amazing images and files detailing every character, NPC, animal and piece of graffiti that litters the world of Tokyo-to.

Check out JSRF Inside and read more here

A N64 in my Game Gear?

A modder, by the name of Evil Nod has put a Nintendo 64 into a Game Gear skeleton. Not only did he get the N64 in there, he also got the controller. So it has full reworking controller and a N64 crammed in there. What else could he shove in? How about a ram expansion pak? Yeah, he put one of those in there too.

Now, can someone do the same thing, with a Dreamcast? That would rock.

[Source: Engadget]