Sonic Generations PC Mod Brings Back Old Friends

Do you miss the good ol’ days of the Sonic franchise when you could play as Tails, Knuckles and all the other secondary characters? After a bit of modding to the PC version of Sonic Generations, a Russian Sonic fan has brought back the supporting cast by dropping them into modern Sonic’s stages. The video above shows off Shadow, Tails, Rouge, Blaze, Amy and Knuckles running through Crisis City. They may not have their signature moves (yet) but they appear to be fully functional. After the break, more videos of the sidekicks stealing Sonic’s thunder.


4 responses to “Sonic Generations PC Mod Brings Back Old Friends

  1. DaveDynamite1 says:

    This is too awesome. I always did want to play as Tails again. The homeing attack kind of suits him. Wish he could fly though.

  2. Arc Christelle says:

    That Shadow was Godlike. I wish hope to see a complete version of all the characters and their characteristics if that is possible.

  3. brannon says:

    how get the mod

  4. zoie says:

    my son realy wants to mod shadow how do i do this please

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