SEGA Talk Podcast #48: Sonic The Hedgehog OVA Anime Movie (1996)

In 1996, SEGA released a two part direct-to-video Sonic The Hedgehog animated movie. Later, in 1999, westerners saw a theatrical length video release of Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie and boy were we confused! On this SEGA Talk, George and Barry discuss how they first reacted to seeing the OVA (original video animation) as it released, the new and returning characters and the legacy it left on the franchise.

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Celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary with 25 great underrated moments

sonic 25 headerSEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise turns 25 today, and while we’ve celebrated franchise milestone years in the past, there is something really special about this one. A quarter of a century is a long time, and it is a testament to SEGA’s perseverance and the devotion of the Sonic fanbase that the franchise is still going strong. Sonic Lost World and the Sonic Boom franchise – particularly the games – are often pinpointed as the franchise’s recent weak points and signs that the franchise as a whole needs to be put down or at the very least take a long break. While I am not here to debate the merits of Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom, I will say that to end a series or take a long break because of either is both incredibly shortsighted and far too extreme a reaction. I would also argue that Sonic is about much more than just the main series games, as fans like to label the major titles, and that there has always been great Sonic things happening even during the franchise’s darkest years.

In celebration of 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, join me in looking back year-by-year as I shine the light on great moments in Sonic history that more people need to be talking about.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 anime coming out next month

SEGA has revealed that you will be able to rent the first part (of two) of the Valkyria Chronicles OVA, called “Senjo no Valkyria 3 Tagatame no Juusou” on April 15th through May 12th via PSN & Sony’s Qriocity video on demand service. The first part clocks in at 30 minutes, will cost you ¥500 (about $6 USD) in HD and ¥400 (about $5 USD)  in SD.

For those of you that do download the film via the services above, you will get a code to unlock “Innen no Taiketsu,” a free mission in Valkyria Chronicles 3. This mission is a what “if” mission, where Kurt and the Nameless have to work the Squad 7.

As for retail, there will be a Blu-Ray and DVD version of the first part of the OVA released on June 29. There will be a limited edition and standard.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 to have two anime films

SEGA held a press conference for Valkyria Chronicles 3, they teased this press conference last week.  So what did we find out? First thing that was shown was the game’s theme song. It is called ” Moshimo Kimi ga Negau no Nara” and it is by pop star May’n. I guess the song will be the first single for her 2nd upcoming album, which will hit store shelves on February 23rd.

SEGA also said they are working on a two volume VC3 OVA (original video animation).  The planned animation videos will feature the voice cast from the game and is set to be released next Spring. They will be available first on the Playstation Store.

SEGA also teamed up with Good Smile Company to make Nendoroid figures of female characters, Riela and Imuka.

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