Fresh from SEGA PR, and in all caps, comes the announcement that the Wii hit House of the Dead: Overkill will be rereleased to the PS3 and Move in 3D under the name of “House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut”. Frankly, I thought is was a joke email at first, and after reading it I got a little dizzy. Perhaps because I now wonder how many other Wii titles might hit HD consoles. Check out the press release after the break.

Virtua Tennis 4 getting two move bundles

The people over at Amazon France have leaked two move bundles before SEGA got a chance to announce it. The first bundle is the Playstation Eye Camera, Virtua Tennis 4, Move Controller and plastic tennis racket for the sweet price of 99.95 euros.

The second bundle is the same, but also has a 320gb Playstation 3 added to the mix. This one is going to cost you 379.95 euros. No idea if any other country is getting a taste of these sweet bundles, I guess the French just love their tennis a bit more than everyone else.

[Source: Playstation Lifestyle]

Sonic hired to hold Playstation Move posters

You got to feel bad for Sonic, SEGA just relies on the blue blur to make so much money for the company and with the way the economy is, even he has to take jobs like this. Seriously, Sonic isn’t even needed to hold the sign, it has its own leg thing. Come on!

Apprently this was taken by a UK:R reader at a Lewisham located Gamestation.

Virtua Tennis 4 in action

German SEGA fansite, SEGA Stuff, went to Gamescom, even though SEGA refused to go themselves. Good thing they went, since there was a new SEGA game announced, Virtua Tennis 4.

Above is the video of them playing and it seems that they missed the ball. I guess motion controls are not better than the regular controller. I mean, the whole zoom to first person? No thanks. That is just me.

[Source: SEGA]

Rumor: Yu Suzuki to show Playstation Move game at E3?

I think we have all asked ourselves, what happen to Yu Suzuki? It has been a long time since the man has released a video game. But according to a tipster at Go Fanboy, it seems that he might make his return at E3, showing off a new Playstation Move title.

According to the tipster, it will be a 1 vs. 1 combat game. He also stated that “Yu wants this to be about real human interaction and competition.” This could just be a Playstation 3 port of Psy-Phi or maybe something new?

[Thanks: Orta]

SEGA to support Playstation Move

Sony has shown off their Playstation motion controller at GDC, known as the Playstation Move. At the same event they demoed some games and even gave a list of developers that have signed up to support the Move.

One of the developers on the list was SEGA, which is not shocking since SEGA has talked about supporting both Playstation Move and Project Natal since E3.

[Source: Siliconera]