New Valkyria Chronicles 3 videos

Andriasang has posted up new Valkyria Chronicles 3 videos with well typed out descriptions of each video. I’m really tired, so instead of making you read my broken grammar, I will just be quoting the expertly typed out descriptions by Andriasang.

This first video is basically an overview of everything:

The theme song playing in the background through most of the story part of the trailer is “Moshimo Kimi ga Negaur no Nara” by May’n.

The “Blitz,” or “Battle of Live Tactical Zones,” system is covered in the second half of the trailer, which shows the new gameplay features and character growth system, along with the special skills for main character Kurt, and heroines Imca and Reila.

An overview of the story:

72 hour combat:

Next, as a means of showing the basic game flow of Valkyria Chronicles 3, a look at the game’s second chapter, “The 72 Hour Combat.”

Valkyria 3’s story is set up as a series of chapters. The basic flow of each chapter begins with a recap of the current state of the war. After some chitchat in your base (in the clip, a discussion between Kurt and Nameless head Ramsey Kurou), you’re shown a mission map. This lists points of interest via pins. In the clip, you can see red pins marking primary missions, which you must clear in order to progress in the story, green pins marking free missions and markers for event scenes (I think the markers are supposed to be film reels). Select a mission, and you’re taken to a briefing screen where you can get info about the mission, build up your characters, and so-forth.

Towards the end of the clip, we’re shown how the mission map undergoes changes depending on the results of your mission. In the example shown, clearing the mission leads to a branching point. The chapter will progress differently depending on the next mission that you select.

There is one more video. It is about the first DLC pack and guest character appearances. If you want to watch this video, then you should head on over to Andriasang. I don’t want it to look like I’m completely ripping off their content ;P


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