Ryo Hazuki Opens a Café, Milk Not On the Menu

Don’t worry, Yu Suzuki has not created Shenmue Diner Dash for cell phones. Instead, Ryo Hazuki’s Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze has opened a cafe in Akihabara with a unique twist (don’t all Japanese cafés have a unique twist?). Matsukaze’s cafe, called “Seiyu Café”, is staffed by voice actors and has a voice acting theme. The interior of the space resembles a recording studio, and throat-friendly drinks are sold alongside alcohol and sweets.

Aliens: Colonial Marines coming to Wii U

[UPDATE: Looks like the clip’s made its way to Youtube. ^Check it out, comes up right after Dirt.]

Turns out, two SEGA games made appearances at Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference. Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games for the 3DS got a showing in a montage, but, on a bit of a more surprising note, the Wii U (yup, that’s really the name of their next system) will be getting Aliens: Colonial Marines, which actually got one of the lengthier clips. We’ll update this story with the clip when it becomes available.

[Update 2: Now we have a press release. Hit the jump to read it!]

Rumor: Nintendo only Sonic game incoming? [update]

[update] Seems like some sources have changed or the lack of sleep really got to me. The game is NOT teased as ‘Nintendo developed’ but as being on a ‘Nintendo platform’. 95% sure this will be the Sonic 3DS game. [/update]

Nintendo fans have been complaining that HD users are getting Sonic Generation, but those Nintendo only users might have their own exclusive title to look forward to!

According to Eurogamer Portugal, the next  issue of Nintendo Power (the E3 edition) is going to reveal a new Sonic game exclusively for a Nintendo platform.

[Source: Eurogamer]
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