Segabits @ E3: Off-screen video and more details on Hatsune Miku Project: VR Tech Demo

Shigs here. I’m at E3 and despite no Sega booth, I’m managing to find some Sega…bits of information here and there. As announced earlier, there is a Hatsune Miku VR demo at Sony’s Project Morpheus booth. In this virtual reality demo, you are at a Miku concert enjoying the music with the large, silhouetted crowd. They all have their glowsticks waving to the song “Viva, Viva, Happy” and you need to do the same (I think). Eventually, Miku brings you up on stage and it gets a little odd as words and random objects are seen all over her. You’re playing a rhythm game with the move controller and waving the stick at Miku and the crowd to the beat. The person playing seemed to be too interested in looking around and was obviously losing,  since X’s and storm clouds were appearing everywhere. Still, it looks like a fun game and I’ll try to get my hands on it Thursday when Project Morpheus demos are open to the public.

I apologize for the quality of the video, but it was taken offscreen.

Sega feat. Hatsune Miku Project: VR Tech Demo announced


SEGA has revealed a new title for Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset for PlayStation 4 which will transport players to the world of Hatsune Miku! Titled Sega feat. Hatsune Miku Project: VR Tech Demo (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue), the simple demo features Miku singing songs from artist Mitchie M. while dancing (what else did you expect Miku to do?). We don’t know much more about the demo beyond that, so any gameplay or interaction is possible but unconfirmed. Also, it has not been stated if this will lead to a full retail release once Project Morpheus releases next year. Still, this should be an exciting experience for fans who truly want to have some fun with Miku!