Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown getting an arcade release & opening cinematic released

This is one of those two for one post on Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. First we got a brand new opening cinematic released by the Japanese Virtua Fighter YouTube channel, seems this is the ‘eSports’ branded intro (for the arcades?). Regardless, the cinematic has me hyped, really loved the ending where all the main cast is looking at each other.

While SEGA and their arcade future isn’t looking too bright, it is known that each main series Virtua Fighter game has had an arcade version and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is no different as SEGA has confirmed the existence of an arcade version. It seems SEGA is branding this one Virtua Fighter E-Sports, like the teaser and releases on June 2nd, 2021. Interesting enough the opening really sells on the ‘fight anyone around the world’ and the arcade cabinet only supports one player.

Sonic Forces joins Shadow of the Colossus as free games for PS Plus March 2020

We just talked about how Microsoft is giving away Sonic Generations on March 2020 for their ‘Games with Gold’, now PlayStation Plus has announced that they will be giving away Sonic Forces. Sure the game is newer, but I think a lot of hardcore Sonic fans would agree that Sonic Generations is better.

You will be able to download Sonic Forces if you have PlayStation Plus from March 3rd through April 6th.

Jet Set Radio will be free for PSN Plus users this July

Sony just announced the free stuff PSN Plus members can expect for July and Jet Set Radio joined both Battlefield 3 and Metal Slug XX.

Sony has recently celebrated 1 year of their Instant Game collection, where the games will be available to download whenever the user wants them (of course, you have to be paying for PSN Plus). So, if you are a PSN Plus member, has it been worth it? If not, does Jet Set Radio becoming free make you want to subscribe to the service?

Playstation Plus members get 80% off Wonder Boy, SMB DLC tomorrow

Sony’s slew of awesome discounts for Playstation Plus members continue tomorrow with both Wonder Boy in Monster World and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz’s DLC being offered for 80% off.

Wonder Boy in Monster World will be available for $1 when the discount starts tomorrow. It is a classic side scrolling action RPG that dates back to the Genesis era, and a follow up to another SEGA classic also currently available on the Playstation Network, Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

Super Monkey Ball’s DLC will be available for $0.40. The DLC gives players all new content and level pieces to use in the game’s level creator, including a Sonic statue and a SEGA Genesis. I hope all of your SEGA fans picked up this stellar Monkey Ball game, as it’s easily one of the best entries the franchise has seen in a long time.

These prices will go into effect when the Playstation Store update hits tomorrow.

Jet Set Radio HD gets a price “tag” and release dates!

YES!! @#$*ing finally!

Today, the Sega blogs have finally given us both the long-awaited release dates and price for Jet Set Radio HD. This digitally distributed darling will arrive on September 18th for PSN and the 19th for LIVE and Steam. Better news for those with Playstation Plus, you’ll be getting it a week early on September 11th. As promised, all 3 dates are technically still “summer” (although, I don’t know a single kid who won’t be in school by then). Those waiting for the Vita version will have to wait just a little bit longer as it arrives on October 16th. All versions will arrive at a super-cheap price of $9.99 (I’d have totally paid double that, but don’t tell Sega). No word yet on the iOS and mobile versions. Press release details at the comment link.

PSN returns & has SEGA Rally Online Arcade up for purchase

Well, the game is already out for XBLA. What about PSN? Its out now. Like right now. The PSN store just got updated and came back online. Though its being slammed hard by traffic.

The game is $9.99, a bargain for the goodness you will be getting. Also new is the SEGA Genesis Dynamic Theme that is exclusive to PS+ users. Feels good man.

[Source: Playstation.Blog]