Jet Set Radio will be free for PSN Plus users this July

Sony just announced the free stuff PSN Plus members can expect for July and Jet Set Radio joined both Battlefield 3 and Metal Slug XX.

Sony has recently celebrated 1 year of their Instant Game collection, where the games will be available to download whenever the user wants them (of course, you have to be paying for PSN Plus). So, if you are a PSN Plus member, has it been worth it? If not, does Jet Set Radio becoming free make you want to subscribe to the service?


3 responses to “Jet Set Radio will be free for PSN Plus users this July

  1. Trippled says:

    Sega should really throw Valkyria and Yakuzas on this service

  2. Chaos says:

    I love ps plus. Less than $5 a month for 18 games? That’s really just. Awesome. Last year I believe there were 64 games in the collection with over $1000 in savings. Not bad. At all. With online storage and early access betas, what more could you really ask for at that price?

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