New to the SEGAbits store – SEGA Master System inspired shirts & VMU inspired designs

Did you know that SEGAbits has a RedBubble shop? It’s true! Since December 2013, we’ve been uploading original designs for SEGAbits readers to purchase and wear to show their SEGA pride and to support the site. Recently, our own Liam Ashcroft aka TrackerTD of our This is Saturn video series created a Master System inspired design featuring the beloved 80’s console in a variety of styles – including one featuring Alex Kidd. We also have a VMU inspired shirt and phone case featuring a pixelated Ryo ready to fight. The design was built entirely in Photoshop and Illustrator from scratch, and the VMU icons were redrawn in the vector format. The VMU screen is a pixelated grid, allowing us to create whatever original pixelated images we can dream up. So head on over to the SEGAbits RedBubble shop today and check it out!


8 responses to “New to the SEGAbits store – SEGA Master System inspired shirts & VMU inspired designs

  1. DCGX says:

    No android phone cases 🙁

  2. Abject says:

    Wow, never even knew about this, will check this out more regularly.

  3. Gen says:

    Never knew this either, never see it advertised.

  4. Fernandeath says:

    I wasn’t aware of this webshop either.
    There are some cool stuff in it.

  5. Leo The Woodlouse says:

    Why not advertise this more often, and use an icon link on the site that directs you right to it too.

  6. Barry the Nomad says:

    Thanks for the comments everybody, and glad you like what we have so far! To be honest, we were waiting until our previous t-shirt sale (which was made and sold 100% on our end) was fulfilled before sharing a link to the store. The designs for that original shirt are on the store, however it is not in the front/back design.

    With RedBubble, it cuts us from the production process so shirts can be made at a faster rate and professionally shipped out. RedBubble gives us a set amount per item sold, and that money will go towards video content, convention reports, and other site related stuff.

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