SEGA Channel Retro: Sonic Riders Retrospective with S0LV0

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Ten years ago the 15th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog left us with a pretty sour taste. But did you know that there was one game that came out to celebrate the heritage with a racing game boasting an extreme attitude, extreme air and some extreme gear. Tune in 7PM Centra/1AM GMT for the livestream of Sonic Riders as the Retro crew and Unleashed Project’s own S0LV0 tour through the game in extreme style!

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Sonic Free Riders and Virtual-On Force go platinum in Japan

Takashi Iizuka: A Platinum Collection release of Sonic Free Riders? (laughs) …Yes!

Yes, believe it or not, the often criticized Sonic Free Riders will receive a Platinum Collection release in Japan tomorrow. Perhaps the game was actually pretty enjoyable and warranted the sales, and most of the vitriol came from those who just love to hate on games they never actually played? Or maybe the Japanese just like to support titles from Japanese developers when it comes to XBOX releases in Japan. For those who don’t know, Platinum Collection titles are games considered by Microsoft to have sold considerable units since release. These select titles are given new packaging and are sold at a lower price. So kudos to SEGA for not one, but TWO Platinum Collection releases. The second game to be released tomorrow is Virtual-On Force, which will receive a cute upgrade to the game’s cover. Check that out after the break.

Sonic Free Riders joins Games on Demand

So let’s say you just got a Kinect unit and you really want to play Sonic Free Riders… Like now. You don’t want to drive to Wal-Mart or some other lame store full of lame people to stand in a lame line to purchase your lame game (oh snap).

Don’t worry, Microsoft and SEGA got you covered. Introducing Games on Demand. Basically you can purchase the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace and download it through the internet. This is the future my friends.

Game is being priced at $49.99. Yeah, pretty much full retail. Rethinking about visiting that lame store?

[Source: SEGAblog]


Sonic Colours climbs up UK charts

Sonic Colours has jumped from its 36th place last week to a better standing at number 18. That it is right, cracked the top 20. As for Sonic Free Riders, that debuted last week right below Sonic Colours, it has dropped off the charts completely.

SEGA’s true and blue Football Manager series came in one spot lower than Sonic Colours for the week at number 19th. Still doing pretty solid and staying in the top 20.

[Source: GFK Charts]

Review: Sonic Free Riders

As the last of his games hit shelves, so ends a big year for Sonic. 2010 brought with it some hotly anticipated Sonic titles: The SEGA Superstars returned for All-Star Racing, 2D Sonic returned to consoles and 3D Sonic has cleaned up his act. Meanwhile, off in the corner sat Sonic Free Riders.

Free Riders, the third game in the Sonic Riders series, made ripples (not waves) in the SEGA community when it was announced to be a launch title for Microsoft’s Kinect. The series itself had earned little respect in the past, and coupled with a new piece of hardware, enthusiasm for the game was mixed. But now the Kinect is here, the game is out. No more speculating, it’s reviewin’ time!

Best Sonic Free Riders review ever

If there is one tip I can give anyone that is planning on getting Kinect, make sure you have enough room to jump around and play games. Especially if your going to film yourself and put it on YouTube, learn to edit stuff out.

Above is a review by YouTube user lawrenceraybon, he even suggest that you subscribe to get more reviews like this. I will subscribe, thank you.

[Via: Engadget]

Sonic Free Riders multiplayer trailer

Here is the new trailer for the upcoming Sonic Free Riders, a game that is launching exclusively for Kinect in a couple of days. I have to say, it looks rather fun, I’m just not hip enough to get into the whole motion controller craze.

The game shows some of the modes you will be experincing if you decided to drop the cash for the upcoming add on; including vs. mode, co-op and relay race.

[Via: Sonic Stadium]

Sonic Free Riders: Weapons Trailer released

Check out the latest trailer for Sonic Free Riders, this one showing off some of the weapons you will be able to use in the upcoming game.

Sonic Free Riders is set to be a launch title for Microsoft’s Kinect add-on. It will be released on November 4th in North America and November 10th in Europe. No idea if there will be a Kinect bundled with the game.

Japanese Sonic Free Rider promo features excited actors


Here is a new promo video for Sonic Free Riders in Japan. It is quite an odd piece of promotional footage for a few reasons, I have never seen a Japanese person smile so much, almost seems like its a Microsoft Kinect advertisement policy or something. You know, since all the US adverts have the same thing. Also who has a room that white or that large in Japan?


The last thing that will lead to people doing creepy shit, is the feature that lets two players join hands and do tricks on screen with two of the in-game characters. Lets be honest, Sonic fanbase is disgusting and a ton of horrible fan fiction is bound to happen.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Sonic Free Riders release date announced, website launches

As if we didn’t know already, SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Free Riders will release on November 4th (US) and November 10th (Europe) for the launch of the 360’s Kinect. SEGA has also launched the official English language website which includes a bit of new art, several locked sections and a unique navigation method in which you can use a web cam to navigate the site. I tried it at work and I looked like a fool, but it worked rather well.

[Source: SEGA’s Tweet]

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Sonic Free Riders only supports 2 players locally

Awhile back we posted the listing for Sonic Free Riders, where it said the game would be 4 players offline. Well, Microsoft has edited that listing and now put that the game will only support 2 players locally.  Also, number of players supported via online and co-op are yet to be determined. Last time they said it would support 4 players co-op and 12 players online.

Seems to me that someone at Microsoft jumped the gun or it was a place holder. Most likely a place holder.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]