Sonic Talk #18: Gotta Go Dash!


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Sorry for the late post this week, I’ve been extremely busy. I mean, who’s gonna find and arrest Rex Fury in Lego City or hunt down the great Jaggi in Monster Hunter? Someone has to do it. But don’t worry, we got a great show this week.

First up, we’ll talk about Sonic Dash. Is it a fun, Temple Run style of game or are all those micro transactions too much of a turn off?

Then we take one last look at the two most recent arcs in Comic Talk. From the mess that is “Endangered Species to the emotional roller coaster that is the “Chaotix Quest”.

Finally, we look at some of our own Sonic “guilty pleasures”. Game’s that were critically panned that we actually like. Well, since we’re Sonic fans, you know there are gonna be a few of those no matter what.

Big thanks to Cory “Jet” Holmes for our image header. Now if you’ll excuse me, blowing off all that dust off my Wii U is messing with my allergies.



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