SEGA News Bits LIVE: Classic Sonic EXPOSED

This week, we talk about revelations of Classic Sonic revealed in the recent content added to Apple Arcade’s Sonic Racing, SEGA’s arcade plans in Japan and unbox the new Mega Drive Tower Mini Zero!

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Classic Sonic content added to Sonic Racing for Apple Arcade

Just a few days ago, we mused on Twitter about how the promised Classic Sonic content announced back in June for Sonic Racing, the Apple Arcade version of Team Sonic Racing, was nowhere to be seen. Either a SEGA HARDlight staffer saw our tweet and realized they needed to get to work OR (more likely) it just so happened to be that today was the day they planned to debut the new content. Included in the new content is Sonic in his Sonic Drift car, the Cyclone, as well as new Green Hill tracks and new music!

You can check out the content now on Apple Arcade, but no word on any new content for Team Sonic Racing for consoles.

Sonic Central: Classic Sonic coming to Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade, Werehog coming to Sonic Dash and Forces for Halloween

Announced on Sonic Central are some new content for smartphones and Apple devices. First up we have Classic Sonic and three new tracks set in Green Hill Zone coming to Sonic Racing for Apple Arcade. Next up, in October, we have Sonic the Werehog coming to Sonic Dash and the mobile Sonic Forces game. Also announced are pirate costumes for Sonic Dash and Super Sonic in Sonic Forces for mobile.

Apple Arcade launches with ChuChu Rocket! Universe and Sonic Racing

Apple Arcade has launched, if you haven’t been keeping up with the new Apple news around the web it will be a paid service (much like Netflix or Microsoft’s Game Pass) that let’s you play a catalogue of premium mobile games with included features:

– Player can continue the in-game status within iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices linked to the same iCloud account.
– There are no ads or in-app purchases for games.
– No always-on DRM.
– Up to six family members per iCloud account are allowed access.
– Players’ privacy is protected by committing to having no tracking of gameplay or behaviors.
– Various game controllers are supported, such as the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers.

The service will cost you $5 a month and it seems as of right now its the only way to play Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket! Universe, the new entry in the ChuChu Rocket! franchise.

Team Sonic Racing mobile port revealed as Sonic Racing joins Apple Arcade lineup

Apple’s newly announced streaming game service Apple Arcade features titles from a variety of studios and developers, and unsurprisingly SEGA is one of many on the list. SEGA has long been a supporter of Apple’s mobile game services, with Super Monkey Ball being an App Store launch title. Now, SEGA will be bringing Team Sonic Racing to mobile with Sonic Racing as a launch title for the service when it debuts this fall. With the “Team” dropped from the title, we have to wonder if the game will lack the team mode which is the backbone of the console version. Interestingly, this also makes the previously leaked 3D ChuChu Rocket mobile game more of a legitimate possibility. Both games appeared as Facebook ads earlier this month. More information as we hear it!

SEGA News Bits: New Sonic Racing Game Announcement Reaction

We called it! Well, George called it in last month’s rumor video. Sonic Racing is indeed real and while we are not sure who is developing it, all signs are pointing to Sumo Digital. On this SEGA News Bits, Barry takes a look at the teaser trailer, looks back on Sonic’s racing history and looks ahead at what we might expect from the upcoming game.

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