The Weekly Five: The Most Disappointing SEGA Games of 2011

2011 was an unbelievably great year for SEGA…for the most part. Even the best game company will always have its strings of hits and misses. However, last year I could only really think of one bad stinker. One starring a certain Norse god you will read about later on. With that in mind, I decided to comprise a list of SEGA games that disappointed me in some way. Games that while not outright bad (except one), did not live up to their expectations. If you find a certain favorite of yours on the list, do not take it personally, as this is mainly coming from my own personal view. Read on to find what SEGA games left me a little flat.

Review: Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball has become one of SEGA’s strangest popular franchises over the years. Like Ridge Racer or Tetris, a console’s library almost isn’t really complete without an entry from this quirky series. I imagine it may only be a matter of time until Monkey Ball ends up on the HD consoles in some fashion.

Due to this constant stream of new entries into this series, the quality has been taking a dip. Whether it’s the declining quality of the mini games or the increasingly poor stage design of each game, this series has seen better days. So, the question for SMB3DS is: does it reverse this trend? Read on to hear my opinion.

Japan: Super Monkey Ball 3D fails to chart

Though the majority of the 3DS’ launch titles continue to have a presence on the weekly Top 20, SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball 3D, which released in Japan post-launch on March 3rd, failed to make the charts.

In other words, it failed to sell 6,527 copies in its first 3 days on the market, likely not a great sign. Maybe it’s time to try a new franchise, SEGA?

Super Monkey Ball 3D is notable in that it takes a stripped down approach to its multiplayer, removing an entire list of fan favorites in favor of just a racing and fighting mode.

Hit the break for the full sales chart, which covers 2/28-3/6.

[Source: IGN]