Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz now available on Vita. Demo out as well.

AiAi, MeeMee and the rest are back in an all-new Monkey Ball game exclusively for the Vita console. Besides the team being up to their regular monkey business, there are all new modes including Love Maze, where you control two monkeys at once and an all new edit mode where you can take a picture and make it into a level! Go ahead. Make a level out of your wang. We all know you’re gonna anyway.

Not sure about the game? Try a nice chunk of it in the just-released demo. The demo includes 3 beginner levels, 3 challenging (and I DO mean challenging) levels, a sample of Love Maze and Edit mode along with a sample of the new version of Monkey bowling.

You can purchase the game right now at a MSRP of $29.99. Those who wish to download, the file size is 807 MB. Official press release after the jump.

SEGA, Random Encounter team-up for Super Monkey Ball Musical

Remember that awesome Rhythm Thief musical from a few months ago? Well, SEGA and Random Encounter have teamed up again to give us another musical. This time, it’s a three part Super Monkey Ball musical, created to promote the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz game for the Playstation Vita.

Hope you guys enjoy this. I think it’s pretty awesome.

Sonic pops up in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz via DLC

Sonic the Hedgehog
will be turning 21 years old in a few days, what best way to celebrate his birthday in Japan than giving users a free Sonic DLC pack? The DLC pack is for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on the Playstation Vita, so far this DLC has only been announced for Japan since the game isn’t really out in the west yet.

The only thing this free piece of downloadable content really gives you is a model of Sonic, as an object that you can use to in stage creation mode. That means that when you share your banana-fied courses of mass destruction, you can now put a happy looking Sonic giving the player a wag of his finger. No, not that finger, keep it PG.


E3 2012: Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Hands On

Hardcore has returned to Super Monkey Ball. After being completely absent from the disappointing 3DS release, SEGA is bringing the difficulty back to the franchise in what looks to be the strongest handheld entry in the series yet.

Several modes were available in the E3 demo: Beginner’s Mode, Advanced Mode, Monkey Bowling, Love Maze and a stage generator mode. Beginner’s mode is exactly what it sounds like: easy Monkey Ball levels. People who are either new to the franchise or want to freshen up on easier levels can play this mode without worrying about being brutalized by the game’s difficulty. It is essentially like the early levels of any Monkey Ball game.

Live from the SEGA E3 Booth

Hi guys, I’m writing this from the SEGA booth right now. Nothing too newsworthy, but I thought I’d give you guys an update on what’s going down.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is playable for the first time without having to wait in a massive line. It’s still multiplayer only, and I can still only play marines, but you can bet it’ll be written about here.

Joe Musashi is playable in the ASR demo as well, and we also have Jet Set Radio lanyards!

Finally, someone from the Monkey Ball team is at the booth, and it’s not Toshihiro Nagoshi. Does the name Jun Tokuhara ring any bells? He’s been with the series since the beginning, and he is here now for the Vita entry.

SEGA’s list of E3 games goes live

SEGA has posted a list of games they will have at E3. Sadly a few games that are expected are not included. Yep, Anarchy Reigns is missing and Phantasy Star Online 2 is nowhere to be found. I assume some are missing due to being unannounced, like Sonic Adventure 2. Anyway, check out the ‘confirmed’ titles for E3 this year.

Yukie Kawamura dons a bikini and bounces on a ball to promote Monkey Ball Vita

Earlier this month we reported on one of the more…interesting features that SEGA has planned for their upcoming Vita Monkey Ball game: the ability to roll your balls down the body of a Japanese supermodel.

As you can see, SEGA of Japan’s promoting the hell out of tits…erm, this, with model Yukie Kawamura starring in their commercials. Oh, and they show a little bit of the game too.

Whether this will sell copies of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz in Japan remains to be seen, but as far as the likelihood of Kawamura’s level and this type of promotion making its way to the West….probably not a snowball’s chance in hell.

Want to go down a sexy lady? Super Monkeyball: Banana Splitz has your back!

For long term fans of the series, having a woman in a bikini may be the last thing you would expect but here we are, with SEGA confirming that Gravure model Yukie Kawamura will have a level designed around her, how to say, assets? As AiAi charges down to the goal post, players will have to make sure they navigate past the bumps in the level.

But those expecting this level to be available in the Western versions will be disappointed, as the Japanese version of the title is rated C (One rating level below the adult rating in Japan) whilst the game is E for Everyone, though perhaps yet another indication that this Monkey Ball is aimed at adults unlike the recent releases in the series. Hit the jump after the break for more screenshots.

A New Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Vita game, “Super Monkey Ball: Bananna Splitz” has arrived courtesy of Sega. The CG traier uses old music from previous Monkey Ball games and doesn’t really give you a clear idea of what the game is about. But best I can tell, there appears to be a a day/night cycle and tilt control.

We’ll know more when Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz releases this summer.