Sega Amusements releases Transformers Arcade Teaser Trailer

SEGA’s Arcade company, Sega Amusements, announced a Transformers arcade title was in the works and has recently uploaded a teaser trailer of the upcoming game.

It seems to be a new light gun game due to the two colored cursors on the screen and may be similar to Terminator Salvation. I certainly can’t wait to play this game at a near Dave and Busters or Gameworks, how about you guys?


14 responses to “Sega Amusements releases Transformers Arcade Teaser Trailer

  1. Pretty cool! So it’s a lightgun game?

  2. betablocker says:

    I think they are going for the whole blue skies in game feel, but the graphics aren’t looking good.

  3. Alimn says:

    They have Vector man, yet they invest in -_-

    It’s not bad but first they gotta re-establish their core in house franchise & titles.

    Heck we even need a Vector Man movie.

    • Monty says:

      Easy for you to say.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I do not see how a licensed arcade title translates to a sequel to a console title, especially from a dead franchise. BlueSky Software has been gone since ’01 and SEGA tried to revive the brand in ’03 and failed.

      In any case, like I said, SEGA’s arcade division working on a licensed game does not equate to a sequel to an old console title.

    • Alimn says:

      SEGA’s arcade division is not developing this,

      These guys are making it, damn how come they making this kind of game (looking @their previous games)

  4. Alimn says:

    Vector man is just an example…

    How about some Virtua On, right?

  5. Alimn says:

    On the other hand SEGA’s Japanese arcade division is not developing this game, they just publishing & providing cabinets for it.

    In the trailer it says “Hasbro Gaming”, seems they’re the developers.

    Hope it’s gonna be fun at least,
    SEGA must be careful using their name on which game by which company, otherwise it would be Aliens all over again. lol.

  6. Trippled says:

    It’s made by Sega China…Hasbro is just the licencor

    Anway it seemed time for a licenced shooter again I think.

    Jurassic Park/Star Wars (1994-7)
    Lupin the 3rd (early 2000)
    Rambo (2008)

  7. Barry the Nomad says:

    Didn’t SEGA China develop SEGA Golden Gun? I quite liked that game.

  8. betablocker says:

    Hasbro owns Transforms you nut bag.

    Sega is making it.

    That is like saying Microsoft Game Studios made Shenmue 2.

  9. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    If only we got a Transformers game on the level of something like Gundam Extreme VS. which consists of many different generations of Transformers.

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