11 (Yes, Eleven) prototype builds and design documents for cancelled Vectorman PS2 sequel found and preserved

Vectorman is a name well regarded by fans of the Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive. Vectorman (1995) and its sequel Vectorman 2 (1996) were hallmarks of that console’s twilight years, with some truly impressive pseudo-3D graphics and fluid animation, on top of also being a legitimately fun time. It’s earned it’s honor of being one of Sega’s common picks for their many Genesis game compilations in recent times. It’s just too bad that Vectorman was never able to move beyond the Genesis, though this wasn’t for lack of trying. The original developer of the two Genesis games, BlueSky Software, had envisioned a second sequel on the Saturn that never came to pass, and other developers have wanted to bring Vectorman to the Dreamcast and beyond.

The ill-faded sequel that came closest to fruition was the PS2 game being worked on by Pseudo Interactive, the creators of Full Auto (2006) and Full Auto 2: Battlelines (Also 2006 on PS3 and 2007 on PSP), both of which were actually published by Sega. Before that, Sega announced a new Vectorman title for the PlayStation 2, simply known as Vectorman, in April 2003, with intent to release the following year. The news of the game’s cancellation came before 2003 even ended, in November, despite a positive showing at E3 earlier that same year. This was during the time when then-Sega of America CEO Peter Moore was preparing his departure from the company and shortly before the company would merge with Sammy, so internally, things were tumultuous at Sega and Vectorman did not survive this transition. What did thankfully survive was a bunch of prototype and press builds, art, and documentation on the game, which was all just found and preserved by Comby Laurent on his preservation website Sega Dreamcast Info Games Preservation.

Check in past the break for more info, and a link to check out these finds in finer detail.

SEGA Talk Podcast #39: Vectorman (1995)

On this SEGA Talk, George and Barry discuss the 1995 SEGA Genesis classic Vectorman! Enjoy this enhanced format where we now watch videos as well as give our usual analysis and development overview.

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SEGA News Bits: SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Mini Announces 10 New Titles Including Mega Man: The Wily Wars

SEGA has announced ten new titles for the upcoming SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, which means we now know 30 of the 40 total titles that will come in the upcoming plug and play console. On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we look at the past titles, the ten new titles and a look at some regional exclusives!

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SEGA Franchises That Need A Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Spot

A few weeks ago we asked our twitter followers what SEGA franchises or characters deserve a roster spot in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While its cool that SEGA has great representation with Sonic the Hedgehog and Bayonetta, but what if they could squeeze in one more? What franchise should get in? Something more obscure? Something Iconic? In this video I go over the franchises you all asked for and give my two cents on each choice.

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VectorMan joins the SEGA Forever mobile lineup

The SEGA Forever mobile lineup has expanded today with the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classic VectorMan. As with past SEGA Forever releases, you can play for free (ad-supported) on iOS and Android, or go ad-free for $1.99/€2.29/£1.99. As a bonus the SEGA Forever blog has added a special interview with Rich Karpp, the creator, coder, and designer of VectorMan! It’s a great read and here’s hoping these interviews continue as its always great to learn more about classic games from the people who made them.

Also worth noting, this week marks the one year anniversary of SEGA Forever. Since launch the lineup has hit 50 million downloads. We’re looking forward to seeing what is to come!

Retro Review: Vectorman

It’s the year 2049. Earth, as portrayed in BlueSky Software‘s Vectorman, has become completely uninhabitable by the human race. Having left their polluted planet behind, they’ve set off through the galaxy in hopes of finding a new home, while a crew of mechanical Orbots remains in their place to clean the Earth up.

Into this scenario (one which today seems oddly reminiscent of Pixar’s Wall-E) appears Vectorman; one such Orbot with an attitude and the courage to stop Warhead, an Orbot who went rogue and took control of the planet. The adventure that ensues is a fun one with great atmospherics, an addictive scoring system, and a bit of an edge. Vectorman was a great showcase of the Genesis’ capabilities back in its day, and even today remains a must play for those who want a stylish and futuristic sidescroller.

Swingin’ Report Show #10: Hack it to me

This week, George, Ben (-nSega54-), Aki, and Cory (Sega Uranus) sit down and chat about SEGA being hacked, the latest Rise of Nightmares and Binary Domain trailers, the new SEGA PlayStation Vita team, and much more. Oh, we also babble about Vectorman. You like Vectorman, right?


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SEGA Sequels: Vectorman 3

[You know you want to see him back]

Annnnnnd introducing…..SEGA Sequel Saturdays. The new feature where we discuss what we feel would be the perfect way to do sequels to some of our favorite SEGA games. This week, I tackle Vectorman, a pretty awesome SEGA Genesis run-and-gun platformer that was developed by BlueSky Software and published by SEGA. Though an attempt was made to revive the character back on the PS2 in 2003, the game was cancelled. All hope shouldn’t be lost, though. I still definitely think it’s possible to make a great next gen Vectorman game, and if you hit the jump, you’ll see how I’d go about reviving this Genesis icon for the current gen, and you can express your own ideas as well.

Review: SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 1

I know what you are saying, another compilation of Genesis games, splattering the word classic to get me thinking about great games that powered my Genesis throughout the 16-bit wars.

After releasing a ton of stand alone titles on other digital services and disc based releases, SEGA tries to bring Genesis games to Steam. This is not the first time SEGA has brought Genesis games to PC.

SEGA Mega Drive Digital Download – Series 1

Here is a trailer showing off the first batch of direct to drive downloadable Mega Drive (Genesis) titles for PC.

Games shown include Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Ecco, Gain Ground, Vectorman, CrackDown, Space Harrier 2 and my personal favourites Shinobi 3 and Comix Zone.

Each classic SEGA titles will be available from £1.99/€2.49/ AUS$3.49 which is dirt cheap and a real bargain even if you own them already.