Sonic 4 Episode 2 American and European Website Gets Huge Update!

When I criticized the SEGA West Sonic 4 website, I didn’t think SEGA would answer my complaints! Okay, so it wasn’t actually my article that brought about the update, but it’s great to see SEGA bringing a bit more epicness and unity to the Sonic 4 site. When visiting the site you’ll find that the world map as seen in Episode 1 has expanded to the right to include Episode 2. Could this mean the maps connect when you have both games on your device? SEGA also gives a little backstory and attempts to connect the two episodes. Apparently Eggman was searching for something in Lost Labyrinth, and Mad Gear was built to do something for some purpose beyond just being an homage to Metropolis Zone. And yes, Sonic CD fans, the ominous planet floating above the Episode 2 screens IS Little Planet. Head on over to the site and click around!

Sonic Free Riders release date announced, website launches

As if we didn’t know already, SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Free Riders will release on November 4th (US) and November 10th (Europe) for the launch of the 360’s Kinect. SEGA has also launched the official English language website which includes a bit of new art, several locked sections and a unique navigation method in which you can use a web cam to navigate the site. I tried it at work and I looked like a fool, but it worked rather well.

[Source: SEGA’s Tweet]

Summer of Sonic website opens

Summer of Sonic is a yearly event for Sonic fans, sponsored by SEGA and ran by the guys over at Sonic Stadium and Sonic Wrecks. I have been told the event has nothing to do with Summer of Sam and that I watch too many serial killer related movies. Sort of disappointed now.

The guys have launched the Summer of Sonic site, which gives you more information on the event. You can’t register yet.