Japanese Sonic 4 Episode 2 Site Opens! More Screens, Slick Interface.

Why is it that the official Japanese sites for Sonic games are always way better than the English language ones? Why not translate what little text there is into English and make it so one site can cover all territories? While I ponder such things, I invite you to explore the recently opened Sonic 4 Episode 2 site from SEGA of Japan. There you’ll find new screens, a character bio section, an explanation of the combo moves (in Japanese, of course) and confirmation of Sylvania Castle and White Park being the first two zone names. If you dig a little, you’ll even find tiny screens of the first boss, Egg Serpentleaf, in action as well as a in-game menu screen. Of interest to Ice Cap fans, one screen shows off Sonic and Tails doing a bit of snowboarding in White Park. After the break, browse through the many screens!


2 responses to “Japanese Sonic 4 Episode 2 Site Opens! More Screens, Slick Interface.

  1. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    The crazy thing is that Sonic in Japan is niche-niche-VERY niche. And even so, when you look the online rankings for best times in Sonic Generations, the Japanese fans are doing unbelievable records.

    Thanks for the screens, Barry!

  2. XprS says:


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